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Added: 12/02/2012 - 02:49AM
Updated: 06/08/2012 - 09:06PM

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Last updated at 21:06, 6 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 2:49, 12 Feb 2012

Install : Simple, add the esp to your data folder.
Uninstall : Delete said esp from data folder. (Real Lights - Cities)

What this does : Replaces all of the generic lights in the cities with proper ones at their "source" rather than just in a spot to light up a patch of ground. The old comparison screenshots will say it all. If you can't tell the difference, I suggest maybe getting your eyes checked.

Compatibility - Not 100% sure what will work with this mod, and what wont. Any of the Open cities mods for sure will not work until the author(s) include a patch esp for those mods. As far as Detailed Cities goes, this mod seems to be compatible. Anyone running different city mods should leave a note in the comments section about what seems to be compatible, or what isn't. Unfortunately I don't have time to go and test every new and great city mod out with this one.

Compatibility (as of June 5, 2012) - Have not recently tested Real Lights with any of the other City changing mods. It obviously will not work with Open Cities, Detailed Cities or Cities Under Construction. If someone knows how to make proper patch ESP's without Wrye Bash do let me know.

Other notes : Screenshots for all of the cities aren't done yet. Don't have time right now to go convert a few png's and upload them right this moment. However, I encourage you to try this mod out! The visual difference in the cities is beyond amazing! Also if you're running Real Lighting or ENB series, or any other mod that adds post processing or changes global light schemes, you will enjoy this mod even more!

Other builders, you're welcome to use this as a base for doing mods in if you like the new lighting. Just remember to give me credit please.

Update : 2-13-12 11:45PM - Some lights still suffer from pop-in syndrom in Windhelm. There's only one I know of in Whiterun that still does it. These are the problem lights that will take further tweaking later on. For now I will be working on Markarth next, and Solitude after that.
Once those cities are done, I'll come back and give those trouble lights a right talking to!

Update : 2-15-12 - Markarth is done. I managed to get it done with no light pop-in. However there is pop-in on geometry in certain spots by the new lights, and even existing ones. A fix for this will hopefully be accidentally found later.

Update : 2-28-12 - working on patch for detailed cities.

version 1.0 : Whiterun
Version 1.1 : Windhelm
Version 1.2 : Fixes for Whiterun & Windhelm, Riften added in.
Version 1.22 : Fixed -some- lights in Whiterun & Windhelm. - Riften done.
Version : 1.3 - Markarth - Done - Fixed Skyforge ultra glow (moved VFX)
Version: 1.4 - Solitude - Done. - Minor tweaks in White run.
Coming next : Lights around city gates will be done/tweaked to match their cities.

Whiterun - Done - Tweaked - fixed
Windhelm - Done - Tweaked - fixed
Riften - Done - Tweak/Fixes WIP
Markarth - Done - Extra lights added - Fixes/tweaks pending.
Solitude - Done - Only 1 pop-in light around the palace.

Thanks to JackThompson for cleaning the ESP and getting it saved in the latest version of the CK.