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Last updated at 15:50, 4 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 2:23, 12 Feb 2012

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From eldiabs: No longer supporting this mod unless bethesda releases some actual decent content. If someone else wishes to take over the reins, drop me a msg.

Authors - Eldiabs, Manilla Turtle(qlhaele)
Domus Dementis - v1.3

I don't accept donations for my work, but I do endorse donations to Child's Play.

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Awesome video by SpiritJaivyn.

Another great video by MHReviews.

Make sure to check it out as well as a quick review of the esm version (non-updated) by SlyJonesGT, under the video tab.

After much insanity involving the wonderfully awesome and yet completely buggy mod tool we call the Creation Kit I bring you Domus Dementis! A fully functional (except for the spouses, sorry) player home. Be warned, it's not easy gaining access to the Domus Dementis, you must have fireballs of steel or the sword arm of a giant mudcrab.

Location: Somewhere on the sea, in the northern islands and glaciers. There are rumors in Winterhold, in the great library of The Arcanum, that a journal has been located by none other than...a broom. Yes, a broom found it while sweeping, so go find that broom! Perhaps more information can be garnered from this journal? I doubt the broom will talk.

Features: Fully functional player home of a very unique and original style. I'm not one for cookie cutter homes, so if you are looking for something top of the line, this sanctuary is for you. The screenshots should cover pretty much everything.

For those that want more activity in their home.
Dwemer Certified
Spouses Can Live Everywhere
Followers Can Relax
Wandering Dupe Mannequin Fix
Female Mannequins

I also HIGHLY recommend using Wrye Bash and BOSS to help in reducing mod conflicts. You'll be amazed at how well your game will function after using these.

Added - Automatic Item Storage is now integrated into Domus Dementis.
Important - If you're upgrading from version 1.2 you'll need to grab your items from all the storage containers before you install this version. Items that are not in containers (on the ground, on a plaque/weapon rack etc.) will be safe.
Added - A book that describes the auto storage features in detail. You can find it inside the large chest in the forge room.

esp was not recognizing esm master due to me renaming the esm file...apparently it's going to stay Domus_Dementis.esm. Sorry about that.

Renamed esp and esm to Domus Dementis.esp for BOSS users (will stay like this in any future updates)
Fixed - Typo in one of the journals
Fixed - Cells resetting armor and weapons

added a portal area..sort of. i was going to go epic with this, but I want to move on to another project for now. it works though, try it out.

version 0.9
esp file that requires the main esm for this mod!
FIXED - Rug in Genesis Cavern and main hall not properly locked together, overlapping
FIXED - sinking in between dwe bridge spaces in bedroom
FIXED - Unable to harvest glowing mushrooms
Maybe FIXED - Mannequins are not same height in the bedroom
FIXED - Correct navmesh below structure below exterior entrance.
FIXED - Grammar mistake it's should be its in first journal.
MOVED - Light source and glow near smelter
MOVED - Goat head to other side of pillar
CHANGED - New door references between domus and cavern
Added - Ferns and other foilage in Genesis Cavern, glow fx, vines, other stuff.
Added - M.A.I.D.S!

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