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Wobums is the most epic horse that ever lived. Maybe he's not even a horse, but instead the amalgamated essence of awesome. He has existed since before the beginning of time - some Wobumsologists even believe he created time. Wobums is a shape shifting fiend who knows neither fear nor pain. His stamina and speed are unending, and his acute awareness of just how awesome he is makes him truly dangerous. Let's face it, you're not really worthy of his company, but Wobums gets bored from time to time and is willing to share his companionship with you (you lucky dog). Besides, he's actually very nice -- just don't call him a pony, he doesn't like that.


In order for the hotkeys to function you'll need to have the latest version of SKSE installed correctly (refer to the documentation provided with it for instructions). For more info on the hotkeys, just scroll on down the page.


  • Invulnerable to all damage including fall damage
  • Increased speed
  • Can sprint forever
  • Will follow and wait on command
  • Can shape shift at will
  • Can carry your items for you
  • Won't get in your way during a fight
  • Fuzzy luvy duvy cuteness
  • Will warm the cockles of your heart
  • And of course, an awesome name


  • Fast version: The original Wobums in his unaltered humble glory.
  • Slower version: Slows Wobums down a bit if you think he's too fast.

Call Wobums

There is a call Wobums spell. It, obviously, calls Wobums to you. "How do I get it?", you ask. "Well, you don't have to do sh*t, actually", I respond. As soon as you start the game with the mod loaded, the spell will be added to your spell list if you don't already have it. If you do already have it because you used a previous version of this mod, then, well, you don't need it because you already have it, so why are you even reading this? Anyway, you can find the spell listed under "powers", and you use it like you would a shout. Cast once to call Wobums to your side, and cast again to tell him to wait -- simple eh? It's important to note (and so I am) that whenever Wobums is currently following you, you should notice another spell in your list called "Wobums is Following". This is important because using this spell will allow you to access Wobums' Preferences.



So, you don't like the boring regular black horse look, do you? "No", you respond. "Well STFU I don't have to take crap from you! Haha jk, jk." I reply. To change Wobums' appearance all you need to do is: Step 1 - Open the preferences menu. "How do I do that?", you ask because you obviously haven't been paying attention. All you need to do is use the "Wobums is Following" spell, which will be in your powers list whenever Wobums is following you. The menu will then pop up, and you will then: Step 2 - Select "Change Appearance", RIGHT? OK. There are three different skins to choose from, seven different armors, and three different saddles. Feel free to mix and match as you please. Or you could just remove all of Wobums' garments and go skinny dipping together. Pleasant.


It's annoying to have to select and activate the "Call Wobums" or "Wobums is Following" spell every time you want to use them, right? Well then don't. Set up some hotkeys, darn you. To set up the hotkeys for each of these spells you first need to open the preferences menu. "How do I do tha--", you attempt to say before I sucker punch you in the...knee (ha). Read above if you STILL can't open the preferences menu. Select "Settings", and then "Hotkeys". In order to avoid conflicts with other mods, the hotkeys are initially disabled. So now select "Enable Hotkeys" and follow the on screen instructions to your heart's content. Don't worry, you can disable them if you hate it. Again, the hotkey functionality requires the latest version of SKSE to be installed in order for it to work.

Wobums Tracker

Even though you have a call Wobums spell that will get Wobums to you within a minute and thirty seconds, do you still HAVE to know where Wobums is at all times? Do you wake up in the middle of the night frightened and worried that Wobums might leave you forever? Do you feel the need to hunt him down if he doesn't show up fast enough? Is your love of Wobums borderline unethical? First of all: WHOA THERE BUDDY, calm down. Second of all: You can enable or disable a map marker for Wobums whenever you want, so that should satiate your...needs. To activate it just open the preferences and select "Settings", and then "Enable/Disable Wobums Tracker". By default the tracker is disabled.


Do you carry a lot of shenanigans? Do those damn dragons keep dying and pilling their shenanigans all over the place forcing you to pick up their shenanigans? Do you find yourself so over-encumbered by so many shenanigans all the time that you end up installing mods just to lighten the weight of said shenanigans? Do you see where I'm going? Are you getting really tired of endless questions and the word shenanigans? "Yes", you reply. Awesome. Yeah, Wobums will carry your shenanigans for you in his saddlebag. To access it either 1. Enter sneak mode and then activate Wobums. Or 2. Open the preferences menu and select "Inventory". There. Your shenanigans are stored and you're ready to carry on with more shenanigans.


Some people have experienced a strange bug where Wobums randomly dies. Now, if he does somehow die, he will automatically be revived and teleported next to you the next time you use the Call Wobums spell.


It's true that Wobums could probably destroy the world with one kick of his hoof, but that's just not how he rolls. He'd much rather just hang out, relax and have a good time. One of his favorite pass times? Boating.


  • Version1.0: The birth of Wobums (or to be more accurate, rebirth).
  • Version1.1: Added a spell that teleports Wobums to you.
  • Version1.11: Improved the teleport spell by adding sounds, a message, and a short delay.
  • Version1.2: The teleport spell now spawns Wobums a few feet above the ground. This should help fix the Wobums stuck in the ground issue.
  • Version1.3: Quite a few new features:
  • -Call Wobums: You can now tell Wobums to follow or wait with a single spell. Very convenient.
    -Spell Tome: You now can only get the Call Wobums spell by traveling to the Alchemist's Shack and picking up the spell tome on the alchemy workbench.
    -Saddlebag: You can now access Wobums' saddlebag in order to store your items. More details in the description.
    -Combat improvement: Wobums will now be much less annoying during combat. When you are engaged in battle, Wobums will flee out of your way (most of the time). I wanted him to still help you in combat occasionally, so he should still fight with you sometimes.
    -Revive: If Wobums dies, he'll be revived the next time you use the Call Wobums spell.
  • Version2.0: Massive overhaul, I shall list the details.
  • -Improved the Call Wobums spell. It should now take no longer than one minute and thirty seconds for Wobums to reach you if you call him from far away.
    -Customizable appearance with horse armors. You can change how Wobums looks in-game. Get details on the description page.
    -Hotkeys. You can now set a hotkey to Call Wobums and open the Preferences Menu. Details on description page.
    -Wobums Tracker. You can now set a map marker to track Wobums' whereabouts if you so desire.
    -Obliviousness. Wobums won't flee or fight in battle anymore, he'll just stand there lookin sexy while you take out the enemies.


Thank you all for letting me use your mods ^_^


  • Have Alternate skin versions of Wobums. More? You tell me.
  • Make a quest to earn Wobums

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