AlwaysAlive - a male Orc by Nightmares
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Added: 11/02/2012 - 04:51PM
Updated: 23/11/2013 - 10:12AM

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Why uploading this?
I thought there are not that many good orc savegames @skyrimnexus, so i decided to upload my own character ;) Hope you like it...

Why two savegames?
Save01 - This savegame starts before choosing to go inside Helgen's dungeon with the imperial guy or the other.
Save02 - This savegame starts after the escape from Helgen with the imperial guy. The character is still level 1 and has all items which you could find in the dungeon.
Simply choose your prefered savegame and enjoy playing with the character :)

How to install?
Simply extract the file orc 01.ess or orc 02.ess in your saved game folder (DocumentsMy GamesSkyrimSaves). Start the game and load the savegame :)

Changing his apperance and/or his name...
This is relatively easy. All you have to do is typing 'showracemnu' in the console (^) and you can editing all you want. But be warned that there are sometimes issues with using this, so always save before and load if something went wrong... ;)

Recommended Mods
If you want to have the exact same result as in the screenshots you'll need the following mods:
No more blocky faces -
Covereyes -
AOF Believable Hair -Female and Male- -

All the used mods to change his appearence are belong to their creator.
You may not upload this savegame anywhere without my permission...

Endorsements and comments are highly appreciated <3