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_________________________________DRAGON PRIEST AVATAR__________________________________

************************the spell tome is sold by Lucan at the Riverwood Trader for 3g*********************

A new, standalone spell that summons a dragon priest avatar to aid you and your follower in battle. The Dragon Priest Avatar is not an essential character (it can take damage and die) but is a permanent summon from level 1. It levels at the same rate as the player and new spells are learned when appropriate. It uses a custom combat style (heavy offense, tries to stay at range) and focuses on frost and conjuration spells while also casting restoration and alteration spells. The damage output is very similar to a follower and the movement speed has been increased to 200% to allow it to kite enemies around, follow you more efficiently out of combat and just gives it a completely unique combat presence.

It also gains perks every 8 levels applicable to the spells it gains at the same rate.
It isn't a follower so it can't carry/trade anything or use a weapon you loot, but it does come with a Staff of Icestorm that it uses from level 1. it prefers spells but swaps between spells and the staff on its own.

*brawls will trigger your avatar to defend you, only way to prevent it attacking the person you're brawling with is to simply not have it out. you can kill it (it will defend itself) or you can conjure something else (bound sword, familiar, etc)

*The mask-related proc Conjure Dragon Priest spell is not affected in any way by this mod, but as of 1.5 all dragon priest textures will be the same as whatever you install
**************************the spell tome is sold by Lucan at the Riverwood Trader for 3g*********************