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First of all sorry for my bad english

This is a simple animation that whit hours ( yes i just learning the papyrus ) of tryin i can finally drink a potion e voila! its played a idle drink potion.
i guess that it will work for every item i have to try more but i want to show it for people that dont know how to script and want more inmmersion.

Ok this is not a download version just the explanation who to do it, because i have no idea how to do it.

1.- In the Creation Kit name a new mod like you want
2.- Go to Magiceffect tab
3.- Create a new Magiceffect and name it like Drinkpotion
4.- Set like Effect archetype Script
Fire and Forget
5.- make the Script
Always whitout the ( )
Scriptname (here the name of the script) extends activemagiceffect
idle property (here the name of the idle ) auto
magiceffect property ( here the name of the magic effect ) auto

Event OnEffectStart ( actor akactor, Actor akCaster )
magiceffect ( here the name of the Magiceffect) = Active(here the name whitout space)
game.getplayer().playidle ( here the name of the idle )
end event

6.- Atacht the magic effect to every item you want it
7.- Try it and enjoy !!

Remember that i test only on potions and some items for now but it not work on others i will update the information, and please its my first trying to help people iam not a modder jus a person who want to enjoy a rlly perfect game.

P.d: on items its work when equip it.


This is an example for the Ale
Scriptname zzzbeberentaza02 extends activemagiceffect

Idle Property IdleDrink Auto

MagicEffect Property activeaabeberentaza Auto

Event Oneffectstart (actor akactor, actor akcaster)

Magiceffect aabeberentaza = activeaabeberentaza
Game.Getplayer().playidle (idledrink)


Hope its more clear