Sexier Ebony Samurai-Meng Armor by esmm40
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Added: 10/02/2012 - 09:09AM
Updated: 20/04/2012 - 01:20PM

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Last updated at 13:20, 20 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 9:09, 10 Feb 2012

Update 3: OK with Chewbakas help i have fixed the ears. I will make a few changes in the near future like making a light version etc

Update 2: Finally got a chance to go back and fix the hole in the underwear that was driving me crazy, and while I was at it I added the ears that everyone has been asking about. They are craftable as miscellaneous and while I was able to get the image to show right I don't know how to edit the ESP to make the text change, so if anyone is willing to help with that I'd be grateful

Update 1: This is just an optional Nevernude Body mesh to work underneath the armor. You have to have the armor installed for the Nevernude mesh to work as it points to textures in the armors texture directory. Still no weight slider support. Hope to tackle that soon. This is another Vindictus styled top for now. I am still working on the Halter Top (got the texture lined up but can't seem to get the artifacting to stop).

Did a little messin around with this mod, Nuthin too drastic, just added some alpha properties here and there, removed elements from the mesh and erased a few things on the textures. Also added a red sheen to it instead of green, and changed the gold trim to silver. The original gloves were missing some lighting properties that the rest of the armor had so I made them match.

I've added the DL Links for the ears from the pic for those that asked. They are part of the Airy Armor Set

Future Updates:
Halter Inner Armor
Weight Slider Support