Advanced Mannequins by Justin Strawn
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Added: 10/02/2012 - 03:38AM
Updated: 16/09/2016 - 07:37PM

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Last updated at 19:37, 16 Sep 2016 Uploaded at 3:38, 10 Feb 2012

Advanced Mannequins Mod Version 1.1

Current Features:
* Move/Place Mannequins in real-time
* Pickup/Drop Mannequins for travel
* Manage Equipment (duh)
* Female & Male Mannequins
* 18 Mannequins Availible (at Belethors)
* Mannequins no longer dissapear (mod conflicts unconfirmed)

Features coming VERY Soon:
* Change Pose
* 36 Mannequins Availible
* Mannequin Formation Presets
* Less laggy interactive movement
* Switch your equipped armor with mannequin armor

* Other mods that modify the merchant Belethor may result in not being able to purchase mannequins from him.
* Mods that modify player homes can result in the Dissapearing of mods after game restart. Should this happen, use the "Reset" button in Belethor's.

1) Go to Belethors (in Whiterun) and purchase some "Mannequin Receipts" (under Misc)
2) "Drop" the "Mannequin Receipt" wherever you want a Mannequin.
3) "Move" it to place it exactly where you want, or "Pick Up" to bring it back to Receipt form.

- there is also a "Help" menu on the "Mannequin Management" page

Q: Do these features currently apply to the existing static Mannequins in the game already?
A: No, those remain untouched

Q: Belethor dosn't have any Mannequin Receipts for sale
A: There is a conflict with another mod that uses Belethor


- Added 9 Female Mannequins (pickup at belethors)
- 18 Mannequins now availible
- Fixed Mannequins Dissapearing Bug
- Added reset button (Belethors)

- released