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Senua's Warpaint is a collection of warpaints inspirated by the game
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

I will continue uploading new versions every week. 
The warpaints are painted by myself in Photoshop.

Only for humanoid females.

Since I plan to continue this project there is no installer.
(Once this project is "finished" I will collect them in a standalone pack.)
Download the selected warpaint and open your:
Data/ Texture/ Actors/ Character/ Character Assets/ Tintmasks folder.
Select a warpaint that u are not using copy it's name and rename the downloaded warpaint.
- For example rename Hellblade-Senua01 to femaleheaddarkelfwarpaint_01 and place it in the Tintmasks folder.
When you're done editing the dds files the warpaints are available to use ingame via racemenu/makeup.

My custom body skin replacer with shiny tattoos:
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