Two Handed animations redone by PLZAXBB
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Added: 21/11/2011 - 12:59AM
Updated: 18/03/2012 - 11:20PM

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Two Handed Animations redone

"Although large, measuring 60-70 in/150-175 cm overall, it was not as hefty as it looked, weighing something of the order of 5-8 lbs/2.3-3.6 kg."


Im curretnly completely reviewing this mod - meaning from the scratch (Im also planning on expanding to all melee weapon types)

Unfortunately, some RL issues have arisen and I have to take care of them so my work on this, and all other projects is alot slower than I hoped for in the first place... I`m sorry for the delay :) Once Ill get my s**t together, ill return in full force, tho I cant promise when It`ll be ready for release - assuming by the time noone else did animation mod of (imo) similar or higher quality.

Keep the ideas flowing :) I got lots of inspiration (and will) from you guys ... and ... Thank you for you patience ;)


- This is really basic mod that changes some animations for Two-Handed GREATSWORDS
to animations from their one-handed counterparts... Combat now IMHO seems somewhat more
fluid and less like drunken apes fighting with sticks

- This is not a final version... some animations are a littlebit off (bwd power attack, power atack right), however I still thought that they looked alot better then original ones


- I originally created this for my personal use, however it seemed solid enough so I shared it with you ;)

You can find video at:

!!Simply extract to your /data folder!!

Credits: Bethesda for creating animations
Me (Plzaxbb) for fiddling with it

Also - if you dislike sprinting animation, you can easily remove it by deleting the following file:


Enjoy ;)