Basic Pregnancy Cycle by Narue
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Adds a fertility cycle to female players and optionally to NPCs.


Hearthfire DLC is required.

Additional functionality is supported for those who want it (or in the case of Skyrim Special Edition, when it becomes available).

SKSE: Belly node scaling will occur if SKSE is installed. Note that the scaling will not work without a body replacement that includes a belly node. Further, clothing and armors will not scale unless they too include a belly node. Without SKSE there will be no visual changes as pregnancy progresses.

SexLab: An appropriate orgasm event is hooked if SexLab is installed, which offers alternative methods for insemination. If SexLab is not installed, the only option for insemination is randomly while sleeping.

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions: Birthed children will go to a custom home that has been blessed, and BPC fits within the new adoption limit of 6.

Flower Girls: BPC will hook into the scene events to apply insemination when appropriate.


To install, simply add the mod with your favorite mod manager (recommended), or drop the extracted contents of the archive to your Skyrim Data folder.
To uninstall, remove the mod with your favorite mod manager (recommended), or delete the files from the Skyrim Data folder, scripts folder, and Source folder.

For Flower Girls support, install the optional Flower Girls version instead of the base version.
For Hearthfire Multiple Adoption support, install the Multiple Adoption patch after the base version or the Flower Girls version. The patch only replaces necessary scripts.

Technical Details

When the game is started, a lesser power will be added for configuration. No other effects are applied until this power is used, so you can start the mod from in-game whenever you want. After selecting your desired configuration options, the Start/Reset menu item will apply the fertility effect and initialize it. After starting, tracked actors (which might include the player) will be processed on a timer. The Stop option will disable processing and clear all tracked actors. The Pause option will enable or disable processing without clearing tracked actors. For example, if a heavily scripted scene is running, the mod can be paused to avoid conflicts.

When the fertility effect is applied, it will choose a random day within the cycle (from 1 to 10), and will check for updates every in-game hour. To see exactly what's happening and why, feel free to enable debug mode from the configuration menu to get notifications. For NPCs, a status spell can be enabled to check an individual's status ad hoc. Further, to avoid notification spam, a highlight effect can be enabled which will give a visual indication of fertility status when the hourly update runs (blue = safe, green = unsafe, red = pregnant).

The cycle is simplified to safe and unsafe days, but as in real life, "safe" is not 100% safe. There is a small (3%) chance of pregnancy at any point in the cycle, and a much larger chance during unsafe days (default 20%). Only the unsafe day chance is configurable, but if the conception chance is configured to 0%, pregnancy will not occur.

Any time you sleep, there is a random chance to be inseminated if your character is female. This chance is configurable, and the default is 30%. You have a three hour grace period after being inseminated to take a washout potion. After those three hours, the conception chances start to apply. Washout potions can be crafted at the cook pot.

When sleeping with an appropriately gendered spouse, there is a 100% chance of insemination. Male characters inseminate their wives, and female characters are inseminated by their husbands.

Pregnancy too is simplified:

  • Player: After waiting the configurable number of days, pregnancy will end and you'll be given a filled black soul gem by default. Then the regular cycle starts over at day 1. Instead of a soul gem, you can optionally birth a baby item or spawn a child actor which will fit into the Hearthfire adoption system. If both the baby item and child actor spawn are enabled, you will be given the baby item first then need to nurse it into a child actor through a simple quest.
  • NPC: NPCs do not receive soul gems; if the baby item and child actor spawning are both disabled, pregnancy for an NPC will simply end. Otherwise behavior matches the player. The nursing quest happens automatically for wives of the player, and child actor spawning only happens for an appropriately gendered spouse.
  • Note: For child actor spawns to function correctly, the player must not be *in* an owned house at the time and must own a house with children's beds.

Barring the polling interval and three hour window noted above, all calculations work on day boundaries rather than hours. This introduces an inherent variance to the timing of the cycle and pregnancies. Some aspects of the cycle are not configurable to make the math easier. Here are all of the aspects:

Cycle Range: 10 days, not configurable.
Fertile Days: Day 3 through day 5, not configurable.
Polling Interval: 1 hour, not configurable.
Sleep Insemination Chance: 30%, configurable.
Conception Chance: 20%, configurable.
Surprise Conception Chance: 3%, not configurable.
Sperm Life Time: 3 days, not configurable.
Pregnancy Duration: 10 days, configurable.
Baby Item: false, configurable.
Child Actor Spawn: false, configurable.

Note that "not configurable" only applies to the in-game configuration. If you want to tweak things with xEdit, all of the above are global variables.


"Why another pregnancy mod?"

There are a few out there already, but they either did not fit my needs or were excessively heavy. The heavy part is not a huge issue, in fact BeeingFemale has been an essential mod on my list since its release, but the larger issue that prompted me to write my own was none of them have been ported to Skyrim Special Edition.

"Can NPCs get pregnant?"

Yes! Due to overwhelming feedback, NPC support was added as of version 2.0. The NPC must be tracked to become pregnant. Up to 100 NPCs can be tracked at any given time, including the player if female.

"I play male characters, will this mod work for me?"

Yes! The Inseminate Actor spell will add any female (non-child) actor to the tracking list and inseminate them. A female spouse will also be inseminated when you sleep in the same location with her. If you have SexLab installed, orgasm events are hooked as an alternative to the spell.

"What is the script load?"

Every polling interval (1 game hour), all tracked actors have their cycle updated. This is a reasonably quick process, but it could potentially conflict with script-heavy events. Otherwise no cloak spells or otherwise intense operations are performed. This mod should border between script light and script medium. To avoid conflicts, polling can be paused from the configuration menu.

"Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions support?"


"Flower Girls support?"

Yes! Support is only available for Special Edition presently.