Enhancement Gems by PSDaniel
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Added: 09/02/2012 - 10:24PM
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Last updated at 21:48, 18 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 22:24, 9 Feb 2012

This mod adds some new loot to Skyrim: enhancement gems!
There are four different colours to be found. Each colour has its own enhancement:

Red +5 Health
Blue +5 Magicka
Green +5 Stamina
White +5 Carrying capacity

Each of the nine holds in skyrim has one of each color, so that's a total of 36 gems!
They can be found in dungeons, cities and outside. Can you find them all?

Why aren't the gems added to my inventory? I want to decorate my house!
The orginal mesh acts really strange when I activate collision. The item started rotating and floating away, possibly because of the rotating gem.

Which version should I download?
The first version (a) adds 5 points for each gem you find. The second (b) adds the old 10 points. The former is the most balanced, the latter less.

Please report any bugs or other issues in the comments, I will try to help you ASAP!