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>> Epona: Horse Recoloring by cicatrice

This mod, by default, replaces the Windhelm/carriage horses (bay with white blaze and socks) with a The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess-colored Epona.

>> Install

Use an unzipping program (e.g. 7zip, WinRar) to extract the files/folders into your Skyrim's data folder (within your Skyrim install directory).

* For Steam users: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data

>> Uninstall

Remove the following files:

* Data\textures\actors\horse\
* Data\textures\actors\horse\

>> Notes

* Currently, without the Creation Kit, all horse manes and tails will be white if you use this mod as presented.
* Not compatible with other horse recolor/texture mods.

If you want to change a particular horse to use Epona: Horse Recoloring, then change the '' filename (included with this mod) to the target horse's filename according to the list below:

DEFAULT TEXTURE NAMES & HORSE TYPE (within the .bsa): = [Windhelm] - Bay with white blaze and socks (carriage horse) = [Solitude] - Palomino = [Riften] - Dapple Grey = [Whiterun] - Black = [Markarth] - Pinto

For example, if you have a Markarth horse already bought and want its colors to be Epona's, then rename the '' file included with this mod to ''.

DEFAULT TEXTURE & MANE/TAIL TYPE (within the .bsa): = black/dark brown = white/cream

* '' is a recolored version (Epona) of the Windhelm texture (Bay with white blaze and socks)
* '' (as it appears in this mod) is actually just '' (white/cream) -- if you want a dark mane/tail on your Epona-colored horse, just remove the '' included with this mod (this would also make all horse types have their "correct" mane/tail colors).