Sheogorath Voice pack - for PC Head Tracking and Voice Type by Ol Uncle Sheo
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Added: 17/07/2017 - 10:01AM
Updated: 20/07/2017 - 10:32AM

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Long story short this is a small plug-in to the major mod
PC Head Tracking and Voice bye HHaleyy
Notice 1.1 has been installed for those having problems downloading through the Mod Manager!!!

As far as I know this mod has no problems, and if any occur it may be due to overlapping files with other mods (mainly

those that would conflict with
PC Head Tracking Itself) This is however my first and probably only mod I will upload, unless

people have voice requests for their favorite characters :) Which I'd be more then happy to attempt.

After years of playing the Elder Scrolls Series I have grown to love many of the franchise's characters, but none have stood

out to me as much as the lovable Mad God Sheogorath himself. Since the Shivering Isle add-on By Bethesda I gave fallen in-

love with his carefree charming character, and can honestly say I've enjoyed every bit of dialog and quest given by this Mad

God. Always leaving me on the floor laughing, and wondering what next would happen.

After hours of putting together a coherent voice-pack for my Sheo play-through I have decided to put my work out their for

everyone who would love to immerse themselves in a Sheogorath play-though (
such as myself) There is still a lot of voice room if

anyone would like to add their own favorite voice files that aren't there already. 

Adds about 30 or Less unique voice lines for 15 categories (not all categories are full of dialog) 


Simply download through nexus!!!

~Thank you~