Sanctuary Castle by Damienkurast
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Added: 09/02/2012 - 04:16PM
Updated: 14/02/2012 - 07:20PM

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Last updated at 19:20, 14 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 16:16, 9 Feb 2012

Sanctuary Castle is a player owned castle in a very beautiful central location. Price: 75000 gold. (Option to buy will not show if you dont have enough gold)

It includes:

-Hall/Throne room with lots of Weapon and armour display.
-Workroom with alchemy/enchanting stations. All smiting utilities and Cooking fire.
Named Storage chest's for Equipment, Smiting, Alchemy, Soulgems, Letters and cooking.
-Great view from top of the tower.
-4 Merchants
-Living Area
-A stable for your horsy
Unzip the file and place it in your Skyrim/Data folder
Added shield racks
Added 3 times more manequins
Added lots of display cases with no anoying activate placement
Tried a few things for the bug were the exterior didnt show up. Not sure if it works, since i dont have the bug in my game. If anyone got some insights on this, please PM me.

V 1.2
Npc's can now navigate the entire castle
Added merchant: Groundkeeper Billy, in the workroom. He goes to sleep in the new living area
Added new room: Living Area, for future castle staff
Fixed position of smelter
Added a potions chest
Added 2 new mannequins in the workroom
Added Maya/Talos statues to the main hall
Added bigger bookshelves
Added a stable just outside the frontgate
Added abit more decoration, more to come tho.
*maybe* fixed the exterior invisible bug. Please give feedback, if it fixes it.

V 1.3

4 new npc's. 3 of them merchants
- Additional smith
- Potions and ingredient vendor
- Spells and magic Vendor
Lots of new decoration

Fixed Mannequins ! Finally ! :D

The castle is now buyable at the cost of 75.000 gold

Fixed the spelling in "Groundkeeper"
Groundkeeper Billy now works in the workroom