Viking's Longhouse by Schwarky
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Last updated at 6:54, 12 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 10:46, 2 Jul 2017

This mod adds a nordic themed player home to Skyrim, located next to the Hlaalu Farm near Windhelm.
I always loved the viking/norse culture, and Skyrim is perfect for things like that. So this is my attempt to reconstruct a historical viking longhouse, based on information and pictures I found about the lifestyle and the houses of the norse people, and tried to combine that with Skyrim‘s gameplay.

In this longhouse you‘ll find:
- benches with sit and sleep markers and drawers underneath
- cooking spit, tanning rack, workbench, alchemy lab
- not usable spinning wheel and weaving loom (the latter is usable as a tanning rack)
- bookshelves
- shrine of Talos
- weapon racks
- custom storage
- wood chopping block outdoors

You can find the SSE version of this house HERE (thanks to mathy79 for porting it!)


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Mods used in screenshots: Noble Skyrim, Peltapalooza,Rugnarok, Rustic Clutter, Realistic Food HD, EnhancedLights and FX (which makes the lighting look like in the pictures; vanilla lights may be too bright and cold whereas some ENBs appear very dark...)