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Short Story

Vardainiel was an orphin child since she was born. Her mother died during birth and she had no father. Some were concerned at how this could be! a child conceived without a father?
The moment the babe came out of the womb, it was clear that she bore the mark of the goddess on her forehead.
Because of this, with her dying breath, her mother gave her the name "Vardainiel" meaning "exalted goddess".
A Nord couple in search of an ophan child (for they could not bear children), adopted Vardainiel, and raised her in their village of Riverwood amongst their fellow Nordkid.
Vardainiel was a rather unusual Altmer, for as she grew, she became acustom to the sword, rather than the arcane knowlege her ancestors practiced.
Once she was of age, she left her step parents to pursue her adventurous soul, resting under the blessing of the goddess.
She took for the city of Whiterun, in search of an adventurer who seeks to explore the mysteries of the world, while seeking to plunder the treasure found within.

This is a standalone follower of one of my characters. She is quite powerful, imbued by the power a goddess!
Race: Altmer (High Elf)
Combat Style: 1H
Base Health: 200
Base Stamina: 300
Base Magicka: 100
Marriable: Yes
Voice: Female Sultry
Location: The Bannered Mare


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