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THIEVES GUILD FOR GOOD GUYS: Taking Care of Business Redux Version 1


Also, check out my other mod, Dark Brotherhood For Good Guys, which works great with this!

Based on the FANTASTIC mod by Clarota here, this mod is a new and improved version that aims to fix some of the bugs and I am working to complete the original work and add options for you to truly rebuild the Thieves Guild into a semi-good/Robin Hood organization.

So, sick of having the choice between being a dirty thief, or using a mod to destroy them entirely? This mod is your solution!

- Join the Thieves Guild WITHOUT sending an innocent man to jail. Or, alternatively....refuse to join entirely.
- Join the Thieves Guild WITHOUT intimidating people into paying money!
- Do ALL 7 JOBS concurrently! Choose which hold you want to use! (Locational Guild Jobs is redundant with this mod)
- Tell Maven to shove it!  You can work around her, not destroy private property or send other people to jail just for her. Let her know who's boss!
- Once you're the Guildmaster, you can start rebuilding relationships with people the Guild has upset.

Some bug fixes and compatibility with USLEEP have been implemented. There are 2 Versions: one with Thieves Guild Requirements as the Master, and the other standalone.

Works well with Thieves Guild Overhaul or any other Thieves guild armor mods. Would be incompatible with Locational Guild Jobs or any mod that alters guild quests.


- Give money to the poor, courtesy of the Thieves Guild!
- Focus guild jobs solely on the RICH homes and businesses. Never steal from anyone who can't afford it.
- Rebuild the bee hives if you chose to destroy them.
- More bug fixes and some suggestions from users of the previous mod
- Features Clarota originally intended to implement.


- Use NMM and download one of the 2 versions. Enable and enjoy! Manual installation not recommended unless you know what you're doing.
- Version 1 is standalone but still requires ALL DLC.
  Version 1.a REQUIRES the Thieves Guild Requirements mod located here:

Detailed Instructions (mod spoilers!):

When you're propositioned by Brynjolf, you will have the option to emphatically reject him ("No. I'm not interested, and I won't ever be."), which will shut down the Thieves' Guild quest line for good. If you do accept his proposition, if you press him ("I don't really want to send an innocent man to jail."), he'll change his tactics. Highly suggest you upgrade your speech before doing this though, as this DOES require a persuade check! If, after you've gone through with the scam---whether by the vanilla or alternate route---you have one last chance when he wraps up the job ("No. I'm not doing that again. Ever.") to shut down the Thieves' Guild quest line.

If Taking Care of Business is underway, you will have the option ("I heard you're in trouble with the Thieves' Guild.") to cover your targets' debts instead of extorting the money from them. They will consider this a favour and become friendly afterward. This will count toward your Thaneship, as well. (i.e. You can clear three out of the five favours required for Thaneship with this quest alone.) Or, you may make use of your speach skills to avoid having to blackmail anyone, or break or steal anything. Your targets still won't be happy (and, of course, this won't count as a favour) but at least you didn't have to resort to outright crime!

If Taking Care of Business was resolved through extortion with any of the targets instead of the friendly option, once you complete Under New Management, you---in your new capacity as guildmaster---will be able to speak on behalf of the Thieves' Guild ("No apologies, but the Thieves' Guild is looking to rebuild some burnt bridges.") and rebuild your relationship with them. This will not alter their disposition toward your the player, but neither did the original Taking Care of Business quest, so they should remain as acquaintances or friends, depending on if you've done a separate favour quest for them. What it will do, is remove their antagonistic greetings.

Moving on, when Brynjolf briefs you for Loud and Clear, you have the chance ("The Black-Briars, right? Why not try to keep the entire harvest?") to convince him to let you spare the apiaries. And at Goldenglow itself, you have the option ("You just trust the Guild. Do right by us, and we'll do right by you.") to persuade Aringoth not to play nice. If you didn't burn any of his hives, he'll take it as a sign of good faith and you'll automatically pass the speech check. And if you manage to pass the speech check, his mercenaries will no longer attack you on sight. Be careful, however; if you go back on your word and burn any hives down afterward, they'll turn on you like the traitor you are.

And, finally, as you go through Dampened Spirits, you get to show some actual defiance ("As long as we're clear I'm here for the Guild, not for you.") to Maven. On the grounds at Honningbrew, you'll have to do your job, but you have the chance ("If you'll take my advice, I suggest you cancel the tasting.") to save Sabjorn from jail. There is also extended dialogue for you to rat Mallus out or cut him loose ("You mentioned someone named Mallus?") Ratting him out to Sabjorn will have him arrested, while cutting him loose will send him fleeing to Black-Briar Meadery in Riften. When you get back to Sabjorn, you'll have multiple options available to get his dresser key off him---Mallus isn't likely to be cooperative when he finds out you've double-crossed him, after all. If your Speech isn't high enough, returning Sabjorn your pay for exterminating the vermin will always do the job. Rub your defiance in Mallus' ("I did my part. The mead's poisoned. It's not my fault Sabjorn found out.") and Maven's ("Looks like Sabjorn cancelled the tasting. Whoops.") faces, then let Brynjolf know ("Someone has to remind her we're the Thieves' Guild, not her lapdogs.") you mean business.

Also, after you've settled in with the Thieves' Guild---heard Vex, Delvin, and Tonilia's introductions---Vex and Delvin will offer dialogue ("Let's focus on a single city. Speed things along there.") to focus the radiant jobs in a given city. You are able to toggle the visibility of this dialogue in the MCM. In the MCM, you can also toggle the ability to take all seven radiant jobs at once, as well as adjust the radiant job requirements for the trophies to appear on behind the Thieves' Guild guildmaster's desk in the Ragged Flagon's cistern. In addition, you can reset Mjoll's disposition toward you to discuss the Thieves' Guild with her again, allowing you to tell her about your plans to join the Thieves' Guild and change it from within. And, as a little extra, you can finish Tonilia's introduction without mouthing off to her.

*There's nothing stopping you from doing so, but please avoid disabling the ability to take all seven radiant jobs concurrently while you're still on the jobs, as the required dialogue to complete them may not show correctly. Re-enabling the option should allow the dialogue to display correctly again.

For those of you without MCM:
setpqv TCBM_TGR <variable> <value>
FocusRadiantsDialogue (true/false)
AllRadiantsConcurrent (true/false)
TrophiesStage1 (integer)
TrophiesStage2 (integer)
TrophiesStage3 (integer)
TrophiesStage4 (integer)
TrophiesStage5 (integer)
TrophiesStage6 (integer)
TrophiesStage7 (integer)
TrophiesStage8 (integer)