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Based on a Reddit r/skyrimmods request.

In the base game, dragon souls are used to learn shouts. However, once you've learned all of the desired shouts, remaining dragon souls are worthless. This mod changes that in a light weight manner by offering alternative methods which consume dragon souls for various benefits.

The following spells are offered:

  • Dragonborn Soul Fortify - Consumes 1 dragon soul for a 10 point increase to the player's choice of Health, Stamina, or Magicka.
  • Dragonborn Soul Compress - Consumes 1 dragon soul in exchange for 5 filled dragon soul gems (equivalent to black soul gems).
  • Dragon Soul Gift - Consumes 1 dragon soul to learn one of the quest locked words.

The following features are included:

  • Dragonborn Revival - On potential death, 1 dragon soul can be consumed to fully recover.
  • Dragon Breath - Besides being fully functional soul gems, the dragon soul gem can be "equipped" from the inventory to apply one of three cloak spells (Flame, Frost, Lightning).

Configuration is performed with a lesser power called Dragonborn Soul Configure.

Feedback and ideas on other useful features are welcome and encouraged. :)


No additional requirements.
Does not require any DLCs.


Drop the extracted archive to your Data folder, or ideally use your favorite mod manager.


Delete the .esp and scripts, or remove from your favorite mod manager.


Dragonborn Revival may conflict with other mods that change the essential and bleedout attributes of the Player reference.