Renthal meshes textures package by Renthal311
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Added: 15/06/2017 - 06:55PM
Updated: 12/08/2017 - 10:13PM

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Last updated at 22:13, 12 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 18:55, 15 Jun 2017

High quality, high performance 1k , 1. pack contains 90 percent of the texture 1k, 2. my own meshes allows you to increase the quality of the game, that is: my 1k equals and sometimes even exceeds 2k , 3. The pack contains a lot of my own new meshes, a 'lowpoli' type, 4. The pack contains about 600 meshes, a lot of meshes have been changed and edited to the best quality. 5. The pack includes handmade over 800 texture, all textures carefully selected, good And very good quality (sometimes it depends on the base material), 6. package bundle unique meshes and textures such as 'bird's nest' , 7. general content: learn to do different things from different areas, so the package includes groundtextures, many meshes and textures in the dungeon, unique, real little moon :) sky, stars, and enough - I would have to describe nearly 800 textures, :) :)   ,  Install: remove all my textures and meshes, install only this package, partially not working with SFO, my bundle package 'differentiated bark of trees'' and a unique full set of fire wood meshes and textures, You have to consider what we overwrite , Paralax OFF , ( I will issue a separate Parallax ground textures package, probably in cooperation with Pfuscher, it is planning for a long time) ) ,  Errors: i do not remember if i corrected one fern (rather yes), collision cart is not fixed (sorry for that, i am still doing something new and i do not have time for it but i have new ferns and cart in plan so no need to worry Minor defects) :) ,  !! -  Malicious discussions and comments: remove no response, all malicious comments, moder , Who do not represent and do not bring anything better and better for the Nexus community, Want to write your criticism? Ok, show off your , better job  ,  I worked hard, in two years I have done over 3000 textures to Skyrim, and over 200 meshes, so I know what, and how to do , -   Of course I love the work of other moder, the price of experience and the quality of the texture     Gamwich (he makes great 1k), great modder Hein, great friend and great modder Pfusher, are people who have a lot of experience and great level of their own mods, with such people, I always want to talk to them. , On a cultural level , Ren .   -  Unique bird nest :    3D :    Unique groundtextures :     Unique Little warriors :)   Little Red toadstools  Unique realistic nettle (3D) Realistic colors  (3D) Underground UV X2, EXTRA 1K ( Not all ) Unique clover ,  the best quality Unique raspberries realistic nettles Large forest ferns