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Added: 09/02/2012 - 04:32AM
Updated: 01/03/2013 - 05:41AM

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No Quest Items

Removes the Quest Object flag from every object I could find. So now you can drop those pesky quest items that keep cluttering up your inventory!

Keep in mind that this will cause quest items to count towards your total encumbrance. Unlike before, where they'd show a weight a value but it wouldn't add encumbrance.

Also! Do be careful with your newfound liberty. There's nothing stopping you from selling, dropping, or throwing your quest items off a cliff. Performing any of the aforementioned actions can and probably will break related quests.

As usual, let me know if I missed anything!

Note: Back up your saves! There's always a chance that a mod will leave a permanent mark on your save file, so make sure you back them up before installing new mods!

Extract the archive into your Skyrim\data folder and then activate it using your favourite utility (BAIN, Nexus Mod Manager, Skyrim Launcher, or manually altering the plugins.txt file if you're feeling lucky). Or you can just install it with NMM or BAIN. S'up to you.

You can place the readme file wherever you want. Just make sure to read it first.

Remove "no_quest_items.esp" from your Skyrim/data folder.

Bethesda: For making the epicness that is Skyrim

1.3: - Remade using TES5Edit script. Fixed Dawnguard issues. Added support for Dragonborn.
1.2: - Updated for Skyrim 1.7.7 and added separate plugin for Dawnguard
1.1: - Removed quest object flag from missed item (Strange Amulet)
- Re-added flags to party clothes for Diplomatic Immunity quest. Otherwise you show up naked.
1.0: Initial release. Toggles off "quest object" flag for all objects.