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Added: 09/02/2012 - 02:58AM
Updated: 23/10/2014 - 07:57AM

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Last updated at 7:57, 23 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 2:58, 9 Feb 2012

Natural Skyrim Rain (Now With Randomised Thunder Sounds)

This mod will change how Skyrim's rain look & sound in-game. Screenshots can't properly show what this mod does. You just need to try & see for yourselves, then decide if it's for you. Simply put, this is what this mod does:

1. Rain particles are now bigger/wider & a bit more transparent (by retexturing & using CK).
2. Increase the density of the rain.
3. Give extra fluff layer to the rain to give it something more akin to Crysis-like rain sheet effect.
4. Changed the sound of the rain accordingly.
5. Added a new Silent Hill-like but far more subtle mist/fog effect when in heavy rain (v1.3)
6. Added 8 new randomised thunder sounds with screen flash & subtle blur effect (v1.5)

The goal is to create a heavier(than vanilla) natural looking rain :)

As usual, either use NMM or extract to Data folder.

- Fixed the weird persistent rain sound effect. Seems like corrupted esp file so I redid everything from scratch.
- Decrease sound attenuation while in rainstorm.
- Fixed the Mr. Freeze effect when inside a cave.
- Added a new sound effect for heavy rain. You can hear the sound sample in the video.
- Added a new Silent Hill-like but far more subtle mist/fog effect when in heavy rain.
- Now compatible with Realistic Lighting With Customization. Make sure the NSR esp is loaded after Realistic Lighting.
- Added FOMOD for easier installation.
- The difference between medium & heavy rain is now more apparent. Medium rain is slightly toned down while heavy rain is heavier with more particle effects you could almost believe the rain bounces off the ground :D
- Added a very subtle wind sound effect for heavy rain.
- Some small retextures.
- Added 8 new randomised and varied thunder sound effects.
- Improve compatibility with Realistic Lighting With Customization. For the RLWC compatible esp version, weathers' day/night cycle are now using full RLWC default colour schemes.
- Replace the wind sound effect to be less repetitive, more dynamic & slightly louder but still non-intrusive.
- Now with FOMOD, user can choose between 2 different rain sheet textures. One is similar to v1.4 and a new one - slightly thin rain sheet texture, more suitable for the brighter vanilla weather.
- Now with better rain sheet texture & effect for the light/normal rain.
- Vanilla & Realistic Lighting With Customization now have separate light rain texture
- Rewritten some part of the scripting for better optimisation at least scripting-wise
- Retexture the fog to remove visible seams

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Pink squares & missing texture?
A: Try creating a clean save by deactivating this mod's esp file in mod manager, save the game & then reactivate this mod again.

Thanks for all the comments & feedbacks!

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