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Skyrim in turmoil? Never! It seems the ever so evil Harken decided to take it upon himself to mate with a vampire cattle behind Valerica's back. When Valerica found out the mate was pregnant with a daughter belonging to her husband all hell broke loose and she left, leaving Serana in a tomb and on to making the Soul Cairn. When Serinity was finally born, her mother fled from Harken knowing he would soon kill her and her daughter. So she disappeared and hid in Bloodlet Thone. Years later Harken discovered them and at the tender age of 8 Serenity witnessed the death of her mother, and after her vampire family started to attack Harken she found a secret area to hide until he was gone. Now at the age of about 22 Serenity who was raised by her vampire family in Bloodlet Throne, had mastered skills and grew stronger learning the ways of the vampires. The thoughts of that cold day when her Mother was murdered dwell in her mind for she seeks bloody revenge. Revenge that won't come easy for her however, like her half sister Serana, killing Harken will end years of pain and thus give her the peace she needs to move on....

YOU! Yes you the player decide whether or not Serenity finds her sis Serana or helps kill Harken orrr gives a guard a sweet roll in the "!@!#!"
If you're lazy like me and want to zap right there. Location > Bloodlet Throne (Console type: coc BloodletThroneexterior01)

This is my 1st follower mod created in CK so go easy on me as I had to learn and learn some more about all the options, settings ect.

BUG FIX. There seems to be a bug with followers in Skyrim in which you unequip them and they revert back to a lame bow and arrow and or dismiss them and they revert back. So I fixed this so that she will only use her default dawnbreaker swords unless you give her other weopons.
If your lazy like me and want to zap right there. Location > Bloodlet Throne (Console type: coc BloodletThroneexterior01)

Height: 0.95
Weight .75
Voice: FemaleYoungEager

(What she will use more or less of in combat):
Melee 4.50, Magic 4.50, Ranged 1.00, Shout 1.00, Staff 1.00, Unarmed 1.00

NON-ESSENTIAL: So she WILL DIE! (But levels with you and puts up a great "badgirl" fight.)

SPELL'S: Reanimate Corpse Left Hand (I always loved this one after I was bored one day and took on Riverwood and Serana brought a chicken back to life to fight, lol)
Vampire Grip (Dawngaurd required)
Vampire Blood Plague Spell (Dawngaurd required)
Vampires Bang (Dawngaurd required)

SKILLS/PERKS: Conjuration-100, Illusion-100, Restoration-100, Destruction-100, Block-100, Sneak-100, One-Handed-100

ITEMS: Dual Dawnbreaker Swords, Vampire Boss Armor
She is Standalone so the Following mods are not needed.
Fair Skin Complextion UNP Base 
Appachi Hair version 1.6 (latest).
The Witcher 3 Eyes

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended
HDT Physics Extensions

Use NMM or manual to your tastes and also side note: I put Serenity in Bloodlet Throne because welp shes a wannab vampiress and it also gives the player something to do as you will have to KILL some vamps and such before finding Serenity (Shes not hard to find) And since when do vamps hang in taverns such as Sleeping Giant or Bannered Mare? (Maybe to wait till citizens get wasted on ale or Skooma and eat them...Dunno.Also Serenity is sort of in BETA mode as I plan to update things or change things in near future. (Maybe a sidekick deathhound or something lol).


Fair Skin Complextion UNP Base:By HHaleyy (The ONLY UNP Based Texture I use). Appachi Hair: By Apachii  
The Witcher 3 Eyes: By Oaristys (I preferred these over the normal red vamp eyes  
Make A Follower Kit MAFK: By Ashes2Asherz (Great detailed tutorial so many thanks to throw!)  
Nif Merge: By Turulo (Great little tool!)  
NifSkope (A great tool for viewing meshes before adding them in CK and other neat stuff) BSA Unpacker: By Wookie 
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended: By Groovtama
HDT Physics Extensions: By HydrogensaysHDT [/url
TES5Edit 3.2: By ElminsterAU (For saving me from many, many CTD's and other crap)

Bethesda for Creation Kit and of course Skyrim
Nexus for Nexus Mod Manager and everything else they do!
Folgers for keeping me alive enough to create this mod!


Amazing Follower Tweaks: By Dheuster (MANY,many tweaks for Followers including changing outfits)

The Manipulator (Google This) can set followers essential and other neat stuff.