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Ultimate Skyrim - Hunterborn Patch
Version 1.0


This patch integrates dragonsong's Hunterborn with Belmont Boy's Ultimate Skyrim, always respecting the experience Belmont Boy intended for Ultimate Skyrim players.

This integration has been achieved by balancing, modifying or outright removing items, recipes and abilities that might throw off the balance of Ultimate Skyrim. The required patches, by DrMonops and Czartchonn, help integrating Hunterborn with SkyTEST, a required US mod, and tweaking HB-added meats, foods, and ingredients to be in line with Requiem, the mod Ultimate Skyrim is built around.

May items added by Hunterborn are removed, as they are either redundant or extremely unbalanced for US. The Scrimshaw and Primitive Cooking abilities are gone too, since their functions are already covered by Chesko's Campfire mod. Hunterborn items have now been integrated with appropriate recipes for crafting pelts, leather, food, potions, drinkable water and waterskins (from isoku's iNeed), as well as miscellaneous items like Lantern Oil for Wearable Lanterns.


Please refer to the stickied comment for a list of known issues.


Besides a working installation of Ultimate Skyrim by Belmont Boy (the optional mods don't affect the patch, but only the Core Installation is required) you'll need the following files:

  1. Hunterborn by dragonsong (version 1.5) - Only the Main File is required, the optional patches are unnecessary.
  2. Hunterborn SkyTEST Patch by DrMonops - Download the Optional File labeled Hunterborn SkyTEST (.esm) Patch v1.5
  3. Requiem Hunterborn Alchemy by Czartchonn


A new game is not required to install this patch if you're already using Hunterborn, but it is
recommended. However, if you choose not to start a new game, you will need to use the MCM
to Stop Hunterborn, and make a manual save before proceeding. This is necessary because
the main Hunterborn quest record has been altered to recognize new animals and loot. If you
do not follow these steps first, weirdness will likely ensue.

If you're not using Hunterborn in your game, you can proceed straight to the installation steps.

Using Mod Organizer, install the requiredmods as follows:

  1. Hunterborn - Somewhere above Requiem
  2. Hunterborn SkyTEST Patch - Directly below Hunterborn
  3. Requiem Hunterborn Alchemy - Above Ultimate Skyrim by Belmont Boy
  4. Ultimate Skyrim - Hunterborn Patch - Below Ultimate Skyrim and any of its compatibility patches.

Once everything is installed, you should order your plug-ins as follows (assuming you've followed Belmont Boy's specified load order for Ultimate Skyrim):
Hunterborn-Skytest Patch.esp
Hunterborn - Requiem Alchemy.esp
[Ultimate Skyrim Compatibility patches, if any]
Ultimate Skyrim - Hunterborn.esp
After your plug-ins are in the correct order, run Requiem's Reqtificator patcher.

And that's it, you can dive back into the game. Start (or restart, if you had it before) Hunterborn using its MCM.

You don't need to turn on any of the compatibiliy options in the Hunterborn MCM, except for "Enable fur plate recipes".


Due to the way Hunterborn works, some updates will require you to Stop Hunterborn and create a new save before updating. Those updates will be marked as "Feature update" in the Download tab and the first decimal of the version will change (eg. 1.0 to 1.1). Since that will cause you to lose your Hunteborn leveling progress, I'll try to keep them to a minimum. Updates marked as "Bug fix" can be installed mid-game without having to take any additional steps. In this case, the second decimal of the version will change (eg. 1.0 to 1.0.1).


For a complete list of changes made, refer to the change log tab. There's also a ReadMe there (and included in the download). If you have any suggestions or comments, the comment section is the place to go. I'll do my best to reply swiftly.