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Ultimate Skyrim - Hunterborn Patch
Version 1.1.1


This is a compatibility patch for dragonsong's Hunterborn and Belmont Boy's Ultimate Skyrim modlist. Though HB can be used without a patch, a lot of the content is inconsistent, unbalanced, or outright incompatible with US. This file aims to fix those issues, providing integration for RequiemCampfire, iNeed, SkyTEST, and other mods included in US. Hunterborn items have now been integrated with appropriate recipes for crafting pelts, leather, food, potions, drinkable water and waterskins, as well as miscellaneous items like Lantern Oil for Wearable Lanterns.


Hunterborn keeps track of your characters stats while playing. These affect the quality of the materials you get, and how long it takes for your character to process a carcass. Due to the nature of this patch, installing or updating it WILL cause you to lose your character's Hunterborn skills and level. This happens because the Hunterborn quest, which keeps track of these stats, needs to be stopped and restarted for the changes to take full effect.

To prevent this from happening, I've put together two batch files that will help you to 1) find out your current stats, and 2) recover your stats after the installation/update process is done. The steps are detailed in the ReadMe.


Please refer to the stickied comment for a list of known issues.


Besides a working installation of Ultimate Skyrim by Belmont Boy v3.4 (Core Installation is required, but the optionals are compatible) you'll need the following files:

  1. Hunterborn by dragonsong (version 1.5) - Only the Main File is required, the optional patches are unnecessary.
  2. Hunterborn SkyTEST Patch by DrMonops - Download the Optional File labeled Hunterborn SkyTEST (.esm) Patch v1.5


Updating from 1.1 requires no additional steps, just overwrite the plugin. Otherwise, please refer to the ReadMe for full installation, updating, and load order instructions. Follow the steps carefully to ensure everything works as intended, and so you can restore your character's Hunterborn stats after updating the patch.


For a complete list of changes made, refer to the change log tab. If you have any suggestions or comments, the comment section is the place to go. I'll do my best to reply swiftly.