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Added: 09/02/2012 - 12:59AM
Updated: 08/12/2012 - 02:44AM

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Last updated at 2:44, 8 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 0:59, 9 Feb 2012

update 10
key is in barrel next to draw bridge

Update!!!!! v9
full redesign adds
-vampire feel
-airship dock
-new court yard to fit dragon killer cart

A manor for the player it is not complete i have much more planned but the house itself is ready for use with many mannequins and weapon racks display ur gear in ur main foyer has a rear mineral lock up and the desgin inspired by STEAMPUNK :) and also WOW lol enjoy remember i have much more planned please remember to endorse if u like it and its south of riften :)

ill be making a bigger dungeon in a few days got sum mean ass rum coming so it will keep me motivated to finish the dungeon (i hate makin dungeons)
ill be upgrading the manor tonight and ill fix the blue palace disappearing

and no i wont ask for donations in my mod

V7 adds beauty
fixed the issue of people carnt find it well now it stands out
:trees now arch the road this means ur comming up to the entrance
:theres now signs

V6 just released
:archery range
:20 new manikins
:10 new weapon racks
:added new clutter
:new mask busts
:gem case
:i duplicated the blue palace render 20 times each 5 times i change settings if it dosent show after that its the modding tool itself lol and can sumone show me wat i need to tick in order to let companions in lol

V5 has been released the gates to the manor are locked but to the left u notice a timber deck
New features
:mineral box next to forges
:Weapon and armour cabinets
:more maniquins and weapon racks
:new mini dungeon with boss
:manor now needs to be discovered before fast travel
:more lights
:more landscape

:manniquins (well placed to show ur minions ur past ventures)
:Weapon racks
:correctly placed thrones
:all crafting activators well placed in matching scenery
:non vanilla mask busts
:proof from the ceiling to show ur the dragon born
:War Room
:display cases for all ur gems and uniques
:mineral store room with lockin cages to stop messy ingots + soul gem cage
:scenes of beauty from war craft 3
:lore friendly no god teleporters everything plausible
:mod constantly upgrading new items without moving anything so you wont lose anything when upgrading

i took all your comments seriously and the new changes are in V4
:bed room
:fixed wall clipping
:masks now can be placed on busts
:front door looks better when opened
:butterflys as u enter
:trees have been lowered to fix floating trees
:water textures fixed (if any problems occur its ur rigg)
:there was a complaint about sound so i checked and all sounds are low
:path from riften road to manor

in V5 there will be a key quest to gain entry to the manor guarded by a large dragon with scarred wings :)

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