Command for full Dragon Plate Armor Dragon Scale Armor Daedr by TheGreatGriff
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Put these files into your...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim

folder and to use type ingame after hitting the tilde key (~) located in top left of the keyboard

For Full Daedric Armor plus weapons and enough ebony ingots to smith into legendary (if you have required smithing, this can be done at the forge in riverwood using the workbench for armor and grindstone for weapons)
Type "bat daedric" without quotations

For full DragonPLATE + Dragon Scale and Dragon Bone to smith into legendary
Type "bat dragonplate" without quotations

For full DragonSCALE + Dragon Scale to smith into legendary
Type "bat dragonscale" without quotations

Use this link to download, it just links to the SkyrimNexus download link, I have still provided the regular download button!