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-BreezeRockLodge- by Morithon
       Skyrim PlayerHome

      A house in the west of the Whiterun's Gate
      If you found BreezeRockLodge,You Can FastTrabel
      At first I made a Breezehome Mod,But I made an independent house on the way
      Frostfall WarmHouse
      Cleand Mod by TES5Edit

 2F  Kitchen and livingRoom
       1 MasterBedRoom(DoubleBed)
       AlchemyBench and EnchantTable
       There many Linked Container on the 2F and BlacksmithRoom
       11 PlanterSoil
       1 Children's Room(2 Bed)  -Please wait till it fixes-
 1F  DiningRoom,Book Display(like a Fallout4)
       2 Follower's Room
       W.C. and BathRoom
       Nocturnal's shrine corner,3 Dagger Rack
       Blacksmith Room,5+1 Weapon Rack
       10 PlanterSoil and Small HorseStable

-Change Log and Bug report-
    Delete old location and new made Location
    add Xmarker(LocationCenterMarker)
    add Reference Editer ID: BYOHAdoption_ChildBed1 and 2
    add Reference Editer ID: BYOHAdoption_ChildChest1 and 2
    Register Some BYOHAdoption in new Location
    Chenged funiture Child'sChest only.

    But can not Bless in House.

    My RP is Single,So can not Bless now.
    I playing started New-Game for adoption and partner.
    (I am correcting the problem,But I do not know when it will end)
    Sorry,Please Wait Fix.


-Recomented Installer-

-How to UnInstall by ModOrganizer-
  Please your family and follower is moved to another house.
  Take all item and Empty Planter-Soil,Save and Quit game in the Whiterun.
  Click right mouse-button on the BreezeRockLodge,choice Delete Mod

  and I'm not good at English.

-Used ResourceMOD Credit-
Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension by CD Projekt,for Skyrim Converted by Oaristys and JLouisB
Strotis Kitchen Tools                                              by Stroti and Tamira
LoliceptResources3                                                by Lolicept
Paintings and Frames                                            by Artisanix
OpenBooks Resource                                             by Blary
Ingredients Wall Art Resource                               by Blary