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-BreezeRockLodge- by Morithon
       Skyrim PlayerHome

      A house in the west of the Whiterun's Gate
      If you found BreezeRockLodge, You Can FastTrabel
      At first I made a Breezehome Mod, But I made an independent house on the way.
      Static all food and dishes
      Frostfall Warm House
      Cleaned by TES5Edit

 2F  Kitchen and living Room
       Master Bed Room (Double Bed)
       Dining Room and small Children's Room(2 Bed)
       Alchemy Bench and Enchant Table
       There many Linked Container on the 2F and Blacksmith Room
       11 Planter soil 
 1F  Dining Room, Book Display(like a Fallout 4)
       2 Follower's Room
       W.C. and Bath Room
       Nocturnal's shrine corner, 3 Dagger Rack
       Blacksmith Room, some Weapon Rack
 Out Side
       10 Planter soil and horse stable

-How to version up- (For version 1.1.5 user)
    1. Please pick up the item from 2 ChildChest and 2 ChildEndTable in children's room.
        Move your family at Breezehome, and make SavedGameData.
        (No NEED take your item at BreezeRockLodge)

    2. Stand up ModOrgnizer
        Right-click on BreezeRockLodge (ver1.1.5), click [delete Mod] and click [Yes].
        Install BreezeRockLodge (ver1.2)

-How to Call Your Spouse and Adopted Child at BreezeRockLodge(version1.2)-
    1. You have a Breezehome and got married, and call adopted Child at Breezehome.
        (If your adoption does not come at Breezehome. Go River-Wood and stay at Sleeping-Giant 1day or 2days.
        Check your adopted child at Breezehome.)

    2. Go BreezeRockLodge (version1.2)
        Use Bless, and click [Yes,this will be my home.]
        One more use Bless, and click [Blessing]
        If displayed [LOOKUP FAILED!], but do not worry.

    3. Return to Breezehome at Child Sleep Time. (Recommended Sleep time)
        Talk to Your Spouse, and click [I'd like us to move somewhere else.]
        and click [Our new home.]

    4. Go BreezeRockLodge (Version1.2)
        Your Spouse and Children is stay at second floor.

    -My Test environment-
        My home is Breezehome (Hearthfire's vanilla) and BreezeRockLodge (version1.2)
        My Spouse is Lydia (vanilla)
        My Adopted child is Lucia (vanilla)

-Chang Log-
    Fixed the child who tried to go to bed stopped.
    Fixed Navmesh in child room and 2F dining room.
    Changed the 2 ChiledBed and LocationRefTypeXMarker.
    Changed the ChildChest and ChildEndTable, remove 1 child chest.
    Remove child room door, add banner.
    Add 2 WarmHandMarker.
    Changed the light in 2F dining room.
    Changed the light of the table outside.
    Changed some invisible chair name.
    Remove 1 Shield Rack


-Recommended Mod-
    Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Now with custom home support for kids and spouse    by TMPhoenix

-Recommended Installer-
    ModOrganizer                                                                                                            by Tannin

-How to UnInstall by ModOrganizer-
    Please your family and follower is moved to another house.
    Take all item and Empty Planter, Save and Quit game in the Whiterun.
    Click right mouse-button on the BreezeRockLodge, choice Delete Mod.

    and I'm not good at English.

-Used ResourceMOD Credit-

  Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension     by CD Projekt,for Skyrim Converted by Oaristys and JLouisB
  Strotis Kitchen Tools                                              by Stroti and Tamira
  Lolicept Resources4                                               by Lolicept
  Paintings and Frames                                             by Artisanix
  OpenBooks Resource                                              by Blary
  Ingredients Wall Art Resource                                 by Blary