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Thank you everyone who downloaded and endorsed, I really appreciate it.
I worked really hard on this mod so it's great to see it paid off :)

Imogen has been my character for the past 3 years. Iv worked on her appearance in racemenu over time and I'm happy with how things turned out.  So i decided to share her with you and make her a follower mod. This is my first ever mod so apologise if there are any issues. You will need XP32 maximum skeleton extended and hdt psychics extensiosn installed. She is a standalone follower so no other mods are required apart from what is mentioned above. Her Combat style below says she is a spellsword but she also uses a bow, she uses many different spells and has many perks.

Age: 20
Race: Ningheim
Bodytype: CBBE/UNPB
Location: Winking Skeever, Solitude
Combat Style: Spellsword/Mage
Voice Type: Even Toned
Armor/Outfit: Master Robes
Weapon: Daedric Bow And Sword
Marriageable and Essential
Levels With The Player
Weight: 25

Perks And Spells:

Perks: Light Foot, Skullcrusher, Bullseye, Destruction Master 100, Restoration Master 100, Conjuration Expert75, Bladesman60, Critical Charge, Deadly Aim, Locksmith, Night Thief, Windwalker, Paralyzing Strike, Cushioned
Spells: Chain Lighting, Close Wounds, Conjure Dremora Lord, Conjure Familiar, Conjure Flame Atronach, Fast Healing, Fear, Fireball, Grand Healing, Ice Storm, Incinerate, Paralyze, Trap Sparks and Wall of Frost.

Recommended Mods:

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Bethesda: Thank you for the best game ever
T.A.P. Gaming and Skyla Skyrim for the tutorials
Caliente: CBBE body
Dimon99, XP32 and Mr Troublemaker: UNPB body
LogRaam: Eyes of Beauty
Kalilies Stealthic And Shocky: Ks Hairdos
Hvergelmir: Brows
Seren4xx, Hello Santa and Urshi: Ningheim Race
Expired: Racemenu
Nexus: For the site and the mod manager
Skyrim Mods And Modders FB Group
World of Ripx X
Anyone else who helped me along the way.
And Thank you to any mod author who has created a follower mod down the years, your an inspiration.

Final Words:

Please do not upload my mod to another website. I have no problem you linking your site to this page but ask me first. Thank you if you have endorsed, downloaded and or added pictures. :)If you wanna see more pics of Imogen check out my tumblr, NSFW Content:

Thank You!