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Gunnyr Jackal Follower

Add a Standalone follower inspired by knight class warior with custom CBBE body

Update 1.2 Note:

Update 1.1 Note:
Gunnyr armors are now standalone
Craftable Gunnyr standalone default armor [Perk Required]
Craftable Gunnyr standalone Daedric armor [Perk Required]

Name: Gunnyr Jackal
Race: Nord
Body: Custom CBBE
Voiced: Female Commander

Essensial: False
Marrigable: True
Morality: Any Crime

Class: Warior 1H
Stats: Levels 25 - 150
Extra: 1000 Health and Stamina
Combat Style: Companions

Outfit: -None-
Inventory: Gunnyr Armor
Stats: Vanilla
Craftable: Vanilla
Upgradeable: Vanilla

Weapon: Dwemmer Greatsword
Stats: Vanilla
Craftable: Vanilla
Upgradeable: Vanilla


Winking skeever Solotude

Required :

Installation :
NMM or copy to data folder

Uninstall :
Remove from NMM or Delete from data folder

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Credit :

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Caliente
BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio by CalienteBattle
Hardened Body Mod Vanilla UNP UNPB UNPC CBBE ADEC by Wast1980

ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii

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