Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins by Rhinala70 and phaota
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Explore the ruins of a once great hold

This is my first mod, so I hope everyone will like it as much as Phaota and I do.
The Great Collapse is not presented well visually in-game. Winterhold is merely another small village, with a few damaged and abandoned houses. Yet the history of the hold tells you that this was once a major city in Skyrim that attracted travelers from across Tamriel. This mod expands the ruins to match the lore by adding several new buildings, a small (but neglected) market place and the remains of a great wall complete with gates.
The story of the Great Collapse is now easily seen. The remains of the old hold lie empty and dead, scattered across the cliff face and shoreline. But that's not all. The mod also adds a large underground area, with enemies balanced to be challenging for a level 30 and above character. Defeat the powerful elite guards that still linger there and the mages that live there and claim this entombed portion of the city as your own. Once cleared it will work as a player home with plenty of storage space and all the tools for your crafting needs. I tried to be as lore friendly as possible.

The Elite Guards within the "Hall of the Dead" are nasty for low and med level players. They are supposed to be the former Jarl's Elite Forces.
My level 45 dual wielder had to use a few healing potions in order to survive and my level 28 spellsword had a very hard time, and died at the end (I'm playing on expert). When checking out the Jarl's crypt on the left tunnel in the hall, you won't find any attackers, just free roaming spirits. So you can use this freedom to form a battle strategy in case you make the mistake of taking the axe from the sarcophagus. If you do, expect an ambush. Remember, you have been warned.

In order to enjoy an increased ferocity from the Elite Guards in the Hall and underground city, please use Duel - Combat Realism

If you use ASIS add this mod to ASIS exclusions list. reported to constantly crash in the palace area and inside the cavern until excluded.

French Translation by Raphou112

Update Notes
*2.22 Change the chef named and made him a ghost, fixed a typo in one of the letters, added two minions to the minion master (it was strange to me that one who name himself the minion master can only control one), fixed a gap behind a building, changed elite guard key to master key, The blacksmith look like a ghost as should have been in the first place
*2.21 fix en error with the baker name, made the frozen tunnels a bit darker, removed the broken walls at the rotting minion stairs and replaced it with a gate in front of the stairs
*2.20 a bit of mod cleaning, added names for two enemies
*2.19 Fixed the portal from the jarl room in winterhold's palace to the hall of the dead.
*2.18 More mod cleaning, removed an NPC that opened a locked door.
*2.17 Removed Identical to Master edits.
*2.16 Finalized the navmesh for update 1.6
*2.155 I accidentally uploaded an older ESM file, this version fix this error
*2.15 Fixed an issue where the jarl's bead was owned by a faction.
*2.145 removed some deleted records from the master file, fixed the issue found by Arpaleggia.
*2.14 Healing breeze regenerated magicka instead of health fixed this issue
*2.13 Tuned down the 3 destruction spells added by this mod. Removed the burning rubbles at winterhold cliff base. Changed the market stands to look older. Added 2 restoration spells to the Palace library, Healing Breeze regenerate health and Peace and Harmony restore health , stamina and magicka.
*2.12 The elite guard armor can only be created at the palace forge, hopefully fixed a ctd problem when custom items (Gold Jeweled Goblets, Ship, Crown) are in the inventory.
*2.11 minor text correction, minor placement changes.
*v2.10 Added a corrupted elite guard spellbook to one of the enemies and the ruined house (while facing the palace it is last house at the left row).
Added a portal to the hall of the dead from the jarl's room, and a spell that will bring the player back. Locked the elite guard door and the library door, the library is occupied by 2 elite mages, the mage that was placed in the library now placed at the upper wing, those encounters are harder to overcome, some more placing changes and minor tweaks. Hopefully fixed the disappearing main gate error.
Smelter had been added to the elite guard wing. Every weapon and armor found in this mod can be upgraded. the blacksmith sell the elite guard armor and the elite guard mage robes. Elite guard armor can be created with the blacksmith forge.
*v2.03 removed a script from the corrupted elite mage, that caused meridia quest to fire at stage 410
*v2.02 minor placement changes
V2.01 fixed minor issue with lighting and a placement of a chandelier.
*v2 - A cavern with entombed ruins of winterhold had been added, the cavern contain a tavern where the player can barter for goods, hedge maze, palace with 2 wings, there are 2 merchants at the palace one for potions and one blacksmith.
The area is marked as a no respawn therefore the player can use it as home after eliminating the opponents. The enemies at the cavers are designed for a level 30 + character (level 30 character will have a hard time fighting the enemies). In order the reach the caverns icy tunnels had been added, the tunnel contains frost trolls and one frost werewolf. Further expended the story of witerhold's history the payer can read it in various journals and letters at the cavern. Added 2 spells one adapt version of sparks the other adapt version of frostbite.
* v1.38 - Removed the tent and the food. The skeleton is under the snow. Changed the location of the journal. Added a writing table and a chair.
Changed the ambush timing. Removed the dragon priest and replaced it with draugr archer.
* v1.37 - Added a tilted version of the gate, stairs and first part of the wall. Added a bed in one of the chambers that belongs to the ghost
outside. Increased the amount of ambushing Elite Guards. If you have a low level character, don't even think about taking the king's
* v1.35 - Please tell me what do you think about the encounters in the Hall? Replaced the dead Jarl's body with a sarcophagus. An ambush will
start when the player picks up the axe. Searing flames spell book (an adapted version of flames). Two shades are patrolling the area.
Loot has been added to every coffin and urn. The tomb doesn't belong to any faction, therefor the items will not be considered as
stolen (the only witnesses are the ghosts and a player's companion. How can anyone know they are stolen goods?). Making the place a
grave robbers heaven. Few more cosmetic changes.
* v1.30 - Changed the old man to a ghost. The ghost is wondering the ruins of the town, but the skeleton is at the tent. The old man's bow is
near his skeleton. Added a journal about the history of Winterhold from the eyes of the old ghost. Changed the Hall of the Dead.
There are 4 spirits patrolling and a throne with the Jarl's body.
* v1.21 - Minor changes (wall angles, broken tree size and location)
* V1.20 - An old Nord is now living in one of the ruins. A Hall of the Dead has been built next to the Collage. Changed the angle of the front gate.
* v1.15 - A lot more clutter on sea coast below the College bridge.
* v1.12 - Part of the farm ruins had been replaced by brick buildings, giving the area the feel of an excavation site.
* v1.11 - Fixed minor placement errors (wall, stairs and market)
* v1.1 - Rearranged the streets. A wall along the mountain on the other side. A small abandoned market with a statue of Dibella at the center.
Tried to fix the wall LOD problem. Added a stairway up to the wall.
* v1 - Initial release.

I want to thank:
Phaota for all of his wonderful help and support.
clickok80 for the necessary name change.
Artifex0 for the werewolf torso.
dogtown1 for the wonderful werewolf.
Darkrder for the paintings
Rex1029 for the teleport spell and all his patience when my script failed.
Wauthan: for the description enhancement.
And anyone in the Nexus community that gave advice and tried to help.