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Last updated at 7:01, 9 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 20:43, 8 Feb 2012

Update (2/9/2012): All variants should no longer have facial discoloration, as I've enclosed both .nif files for the altered face, and .dds files to (hopefully) match the face skin tone to the body's skin tone. Hopefully this should fix the issues encountered. A big thanks to linkman for telling me how to create those files. If anyone encounters any more issues or the new files don't work, let me know and I'll see about getting it fixed.

Update (2/8/2012): Added some variants (by requests).

Alright, so I always enjoyed having Brelyna Maryon as a companion because I always found her rather useful, and she is one of the few companions in the game where you actually get a little background to the character. In my opinion the only major downside to her was her face which I never found particularly attractive, and beneath her hood the hairstyle that was chosen for her was horrendous.

After figuring out the way the new CK works, I made a quick .esp which makes her better looking (in my opinion), sets her as essential, and adds the muffled movement perk so she doesn't mess up stealth characters. I've also added a silver sword to her inventory so she starts off with a melee weapon, removed the book from her inventory, removed her hood to expose her new hair, and replaced her conjure familiar spell with conjure storm atronach (she already had the other two atronach spells so I wanted to complete the set).

This mod won't necessarily require external mods, but I used several replacers. If you don't use these then your Brelyna may look different from the one pictured, though you should still get the altered face shape.

Coolsims Hair Pack -

Better Females by Bella -

Covereyes -

More Freckles by Zhoken - (The cute freckles file)

Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- -

NOTE: None of these mods are included, you must download them at the links provided.