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Last updated at 17:59, 17 May 2017 Uploaded at 15:21, 29 Mar 2017

Added: 8th April 2017: Added a non realistic teeth Version, long and short hair.
Changes 4th April 2017: I fixed the wrong placed folders, hopefully the problems are gone now.
Please delete the old Version and install V2.0 if you had problems.


Name: Raven
Race: Redguard
Class: Hunter/Archer
Start level: 10 - 150
Weight: 100
Height: 1.00

She CAN be married

⇒ Fighting Skills

Light Armor

⇒ Where to find her

Riverwood, Sleeping Giant


⇒ Requiers

Realistic Teeth

⇒ File info

New V2.0 non realistic teeth long and short hair
New Version V2.0 NSFW UNPB, short and long hair
Version 1.0 NSFW UNPB long hair, removed the tattoo since it's not showing up anyways
Current Version 1.0 NSFW UNPB

⇒ Installation

With Nexus Mod Manager/MO or manually in your Skyrim/data Folder

⇒ Update

Delete the old file then install the new Version

⇒ Knowing compatibilitylity

xenius character enhancement


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Brows by Hvergelmir
Realistic Teeth by Anton0028 and Brumbek
Teeth Plus by urgarulg
Tattoo Model Suicide Girl Race Menu by JakeDreivor
Bethesda for creating Skyrim

Used armor in the picture

Scarlet Dawn Armor - CBBEv3 - UNP - 7B Cleavage BBP - CBPE - UNPB BBP by BloodFree
MiniArmorsCollection - UNPB - Tembtra Thief Armor by gutris1