Kylie custom voiced girlfriend by Raynel Red
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Where can I find Kylie?
Go to the bannered mare in Whiterun.

Kylie is voice acted by my best friend Kylie April from the UK. Go & show her love & support everyone. She's awesome.

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Kylie is a Nord from Skyrim, she was born in Riften.

42-100 (Levels with player)
Health 569
Magicka 315
Stamina 182
Class: Vampire
Aggression: Aggressive
Confidence: Brave
Mood: Happy
Likes: Diamonds, Amethyst, Sweetrolls, Gold.
Dislikes: Windhelm, Kylie is clusterphobic she dislikes caves.
Disclaimer: This mod is free from copy righted content Raynel Red Has personally received permission to use the outfit.

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