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"I installed Ultimate Skyrim and it has been working fantastic. It looks and plays way better with the same FPS.
The game is super immersive and very smooth."
- Hogan428

"Spent my first four hours in Ultimate Skyrim just wandering around Riverwood
admiring how immersive and full of content everything is. Absolutely amazing."
- Andrew Duncan


Ultimate Skyrim is a curated Requiem modlist with 300+ mods, hand-selected and patched for consistency.
The goal is to create a rewarding, visually pleasing, and challenging gameplay experience
that is both easy to install and light on performance.

This introduction video offers a brief glimpse at Ultimate Skyrim's design philosophy.


For detailed installation instructions, please visit the Ultimate Skyrim Website.
The website does not yet cover MO installation, SkyProc Patchers, or the MCM,
but that functionality is on the way - I appreciate your patience!


Ultimate Skyrim requires Skyrim Classic Legendary Edition. Special Edition is not currently supported.
The Ultimate Skyrim installation can be customized to fit your needs and hardware.

Recommended Specs for a Core Ultimate Skyrim Installation (No Optionals):

Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Intel i5-3330S
GeForce 560 GTX
4gb DDR3 RAM ~1333 rpm

Recommended Specs for a
Complete Ultimate Skyrim Installation (All Optionals):

Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
Intel i7-4790K
GeForce 960 GTX
8gb DDR3 RAM ~1600 rpm

Credits/Special Thanks

Sincerest thanks to all the mod authors whose work is featured in this project.
Without their work, we would not have a Skyrim Modding Community!

For a full list of Ultimate Skyrim's mods and mod authors, please visit the Ultimate Skyrim Modlist.

Special thanks to the mod authors who allowed me to integrate their mods into my patches:

ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer - kapaer
Dragon Resistance and Mix Armor Tweaks - Noxcrab
Requiem: Minor Arcana - Axonis
Requiem Telescope Patch - Inari Whitebear (pinkishu)
Requiem: Behind the Curtain - Zer0Morph
Requiem 1.9.4 Patches - TheTrader
Real Shelter Dawn of Skyrim & ETaC Patches - kojak747
Tent Textures - Langley
Ruin Puzzle Textures - raiserfx
Simple Follower Mount - Disi30
Improved Fish USLEEP - Blitz54