Kaluna Island by Raynel Red
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Epic Skyrim Mods - Kaluna Island Trailer

How do I get to the tropical Island?
Go to the temple of Mara there you will see a new statue, activate the statue and you will be teleported to Kaluna Island.

Want to take a break from Skyrim. Want to explore a new tropical Island? well now you can. Kaluna Island is a small Island in the Abecean Sea. Take a vacation from Skyrim and relax in a new tropical Island

The Wicked must be punished! Go to Kaluna Island & slay the wicked cannibals, restore the balance in Kaluna Island in return you shall be rewarded a small tropical Island, with many gifts, treasures to find, mystery loot, a beach house, and much more

Small tropical Island
Contains a small house
Storage, treasure chests etc
Evil cannibals
Beautiful palms trees, 
crafting statons etc.

Click here to find out where the Abecean Sea is located.

Disclaimer - My name is Taoxue, many people requested to have R2's mods on the nexus, I received permission from R2 & Malchov a moderator gave me the green light to upload R2's mods on the nexus.

CreditsStudioCD Projekt RED Witcher 2 Models: TH3WICK3D1, lord0fwar - conversionOaristys- (Modding resources)Tamira and mr_siika - Modding resources,MJY - The Author of the mysterious IslandGa-Knomboe Boy - GKB Green Trees (Modding resources)Hyperactivechild, Blakflag - Landscape Textures