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If they look horrible on the texture your using post a link and name of the skin texture your using and I will make them pretty for those textures

I have now uploaded all of the races as well as the images of them there is also an image of version 0.2 Imperial do not worry it doesn't overwrite the preset it is called Prettyface(imperialV0-2) because it can't be called Prettyface(impperialV.2) and the redguard still is using my characters face but I just decided to upload it so now all you have to vote for is for me to upload her.

An Image of My redguard character.

What made me want to make these and upload them?
well I understand that people really want beautiful characters, but they may struggle so I thought well these faces would be a great start of and I did make them for bases for making new characters and knowing people out there may need help I decided I will upload them.
These are presets are currently for all races apart from argonian. I have done one for the Lykios race, but I won't be uploading it  I may do some for requested races. Males will come out once I get a better sense of style for them so for now it's just females. really sorry. PLEASE feel free to comment I won't delete them even if they are horrible and could you also suggest me some skin textures for the male that are seamless in the comments. Thank you all for taking interest and downloading.

Also if your worrying about that they may not have the name of race that they were made for well they do and to prove it joeblow06 typed ''Thanks! And it's great that you put the race in the name. It makes things much easier. I have presets that are just a name and it's hard to tell which race they were meant for without checking each selection's requirements and trying to grab a race from there.''
so I say thnx to you joeblow06 :).

Requirements RaceMenu by expired6978
SKSE you can find on google and to be honest I think nearly everyone has it
and other requirements for racemenu.
Sorry I can't remember what textures I used. I know I made the sk skin textures blank as well as the s

What I used
I used the skin universalizer of fair skin complexion
What you can do
You can beg  me to upload some of my characters and even my main character.

Use it freely BUT yes there is a big but you must credit me for the help in the face :P and you can convert it to ECE as I heard it's called. because I don't know how if you could tell me how that would be great.