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Mod add to the game's companion-the demoness. Her name is lilis Phoenix. At beginning I created her as a Addon to the mod of the "Ancient Vampires Family". But I decided to make her a standalone character.
The inspiration for her creation was two characters: Lilith and Jean Grey Phoenix from X-Men. But, Lilis. this is Lilis. She is unique person.


Legendary 1.9 or higher

XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS
HDT Physics Extention
- AFT for friendly fire 

- replace a Data folder into folder of Game, activate a esp file.
Updates: 1.2
  • her quest will start after you'll meet her in the Temple
  • changed her battle-style. 
  • added fire resistance 100
  • were cleaned her scripts from any garbage
  • if you already have a previous versions, remove esp, enter in any house and make a new save, restart a game and play
This character is more suitable for high levels of difficulty.Demons very strong persons.Atacking effectiveon distance abd at near.

- Any. She owns the "Hammer of Enjoyments," a demonic artifact, which is fending off annoying suitors.You can take it. She don't need it. She - is a weapon.

Fire. She is a Phoenix
Vampiric Absorb of health

  • High restoration of magic and her health.
  • Not marriage
  • She will stay where you will leave her. If you'll loose her, activate her quest and you will find her by map-marker.
  • Compatible with all known mods for companions.
  • She don't like to wear a human clothes.
  • Proud, rebellious. Age unknown. She is headstrong character who is better to respect and not to quarrel with her.
  • Horns and hooves, and other folklore stuff is not.
  • Allow Dual Welding

Race: Ancient Vampire
Intim parts:
Textures High Quality 4k Real Skin

- Bleak Falls Barrow
- After starting the game, will start her quest and the marker on the map you will find.
- take all companions, stock up on potions. will beat You pretty good at the place 
arrival. Well, actually, they will run to meet meet with bread and salt and with a desire to hug 
dear guest..but something went wrong in the process.
I wish to all of you the interesting game!
- For those who have problems with the quest, I have added a version
without quest.
(Choose only ane to download)

The sunset shines, warms the soul.

  • ApachiiSkyHair
  • Demoniac Textures
  • UNP body Replacer
  • UNP Tender Hands
  • Angelic Armor
  • Angel Armor
  • Kendo2'S Alice in Wonderland Outfits 1.0.0 by asenasen
  • Caliente Tools BodySlide
(Thanks so much!)

Forbidden: the publication of this plugin on other sites without permission of the author. As well as the use of a scripting mod files without permission of the author. This mod of english version is only for web-site.