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Ever thought Whitewatch tower was a little weak for a border station? Well think no more!
Whitewatch Tower Reborn is a continuation of Whitewatch Tower Camp.

Whitewatch Tower Reborn (SE)

Adds a camp to Whitewatch Tower.
Adds a quartermaster to Whitewatch Tower.
Adds guards to patrol Whitewatch Camp.
Adds an officer's tent.
Adds a Tower - Guard's Barrack.
Stormcloak version.
Completely new model and texture for workbench by Renthal311.

-Ultimate Immersion-



JK's Whiterun

Jace_1991 for permission to port and edit Whitewatch Tower Camp
Renthal311 for blacksmithworkbench old wood
lolikyonyu (Lolicept Resources)