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The Great Realism Overhaul is a huge gameplay overhaul. It is designed to be very realistic, really challenging and perfectly balanced.
This is still a work in progress so it will continue to be improved and fleshed out as time goes on =) 

To follow the development of this mod you can subscribe to my youtube channel where i will update you on the progress of the mod =)
Also Akatsuki is doing a lets play on youtube with this mod  installed so i would recommend checking that out! =)

I made a letsplay series to kind of showcase some of the mod. It might give you an idea of how the combat works at least =)

This mod aims to make the game more realistic and a lot more challenging, so this is only for the toughest Skyrim veterans! 
To achieve realism, i have listened to historical youtubers who practices medieval style fighting and know what is realistic, and used that to determine the damage weapon does and the ammount armor protects etc. I also did alot of research on the medieval things and tried to replicate some of them within the limitation of the CK.

This is the result of over 7 months of hard work. Please give me constrictive criticism about this mod so that i can continue improve it! 

Here is the full list of all the things this mod does:

The Difficulty

It introduces a hardcore, but perfectly balanced difficulty. If I were to describe it, I would use the words intense and well balanced. 
This mod is designed to be played on legendary difficulty! That is the most realistic difficulty!

Also all starting spells have been removed.

(Damage done to player x Damage done to NPCs)

Legendary: 2 x 2
Master: 1.8 x 2
Expert: 1.5 x 2
Adept: 1 x 2
Apprentice: 0.5 x 2
Novice: 0.1 x 2

The Combat - In depth Video

New dynamic combat system

You and NPCs are now unable to turn around mid attack. This makes it easier to dodge an incoming attack, but it also makes it easier to miss your target.

New weapon damage

Every single weapon has now been redone entirely and they now do a lot more damage. There is now a completely new system that determines how much
damage a weapon does.
Being hit by any weapon is now a real threat that you want to avoid, as it would be in real life.

New weapon speed

Every single weapon has now been given its own unique speed. This makes each weapon feel unique. It also makes sense that a bigger sword swings a bit
slower than a smaller lighter sword.

New armor rating system

There is now a completely new system for armor rating. Armor will now protect a lot more and is now a very important part of combat as it was in historical combat.
Also running in heavy armor will slowly drain stamina. 
This will be as mall challenge in the beginning but as you become stronger it will affect you less and less. 

This mod also reduces the health, stamina and magica you get per level. When you level up you get 5 extra points instead of 10. 
This is a way to make the player less reliant on a massive pool of hp and more reliant on actual skill.

New Health and Stamina regeneration

Health regenerates very slowly. This means that being injured is a real concern, which is realistic. It makes potions and food very important to survive. 
Stamina regenerates a little slower but when it becomes very low it regenerates much slower. This is realistic because if you do something to complete exhaustion you will need a while just for your body to recover air and pump enough blood to your muscles.
Also you cannot run at all when stamina is at 0. This is to simulate how you barely move at all when you reach complete exhaustion. 
All this makes stamina a really important factor in combat. 

A Simple injury system

A simple injury system has been added. The more injured you are, the slower you move. This simulates the effect of limping or just being injured or hurt. 
You can check how injured you are in the magic menu under active effects. 


Improving all vanilla crafting recipes

Every single recipe in game has been enhanced and improved to be more realistic. I have looked at each item in the game and tried to see what materials would be needed to make that item.  

Adds hundreds of new recipes

This mod adds hundreds of new recipes for armors, weapons, food and even misc. Arrows, bows and clothes are just a few examples. 
These recipes are discovered slowly as you get better at crafting and unlock perks. Some recipes will unlock by doing certain quests that is related to that item. 


You can now recycle most iron and steel objects you find using a smelter. 

Tools to craft items

You now need tools to craft items. You will now need a blacksmith hammer to smith anything made of steel and a shovel to melt ingots. You can find these two things by the well in Whiterun. 

Food effects are redone

Food now has new effects. Vegetables and greens restore stamina while cooked meat regenerate health slowly over time. Raw meat will cause damage to
health. This makes food and cooking a cheap alternative to potions and alchemy
when you are out of coin or the vendor is out of potions.  


Sneaking has been redone

Enemies will now search for you a lot longer, and they will search abigger area. NPCs line of sight is now a much more important factor for NPCs to
detect you. Being a stealthy character is now much more interesting and
requires a bit of planning and skill. 

Carrying capacity

Reduced carrying capacity

Carrying capacity has been reduced to 100. That would be too little inthe vanilla game, but I have adjusted the weight of every single item in game so that it all makes sense and works. It is now much more realistic.
You can use a backpack mod with this, but if you go beyond 50 extra carry weight you are “cheating” XD
This makes picking out the valuable loot a much more important task and stops you hoarding everything just because you can, and that makes much more sense to me at least.

Less carry weight bonus per level

When you level up stamina, you get less of a carry weight bonus, as itis makes sense that strength to carry more would increase gradually.


Perks have been improved and expanded

Some perks have been removed, others have been changed,and some are brand new. Perks that are changed:

One Handed
Two Handed
Heavy Armor
Light Armor

Most perk trees now require you to be level 5 or 10 in that skill before you can unlock the first perk. This makes you have to spend a little bit of
time getting good at what you are doing before you can get any perks in that
perk tree.


More dynamic economy

The economy in Skyrim is changed completely. This is hard to describe but when you play it, you will certainly understand. The ratio between selling prices and buying prices has been adjusted from 3 to 1.5
So in the vanilla game you had to pay 3 times as much as the base value of an item. So if an item was worth 10 gold a vendor would sell it for 30 and buy from you for 3. With this mod the vendor will sell it for 15 and buy it for 5. This makes the economy a lot more fluid and dynamic. 
Almost every single item in the game has been given a brand new price, based on the actual costs of making it. This makes it possible to craft something and then sell it for a profit, as long as you buy the materials cheap enough. 

So say you made an item out of two materials that each cost 10, the value of the new item you crafted is 10+10 = 20 x 1.5 = 30. You multiply it with
1.5 because that represents the amount of work skill it took to make that item. You don’t have to think about this when playing though XD.

Completely new realistic prices for all assets such as houses, horses,Inns, travel, hirelings and training.

All of this makes the economy of the game more dynamic and realistic. Gold is now a very important part of the game. 

Loading screens

New immersive and lore friendly loading screens

I have replaced the old immersive breaking loading screens with epic and interesting quotes from in game books from all elder scrolls games. 


Loot is improved and realistic. You will not find gems or gold in animals or creatures anymore. I have also drastically reduced the chances of ever finding dwemer, elven, orcish or ebony gear in random loot. However you will still find these items if they are hand placed.
You will not find daedric gear anywhere in the game. This makes sense as it is made in oblivion, an entirely different plane of existence. You can craft it however...if you know the dark secret...(Daedric crafting mystery is a WIP and still not added)

Movement speed

Movement speed is made more realistic. Walking speed is increased and running speed is slowed down a tad,making it a lot more realistic. Also it maches Npcs speed so now you have less of a difference between Npcs speed and player speed. 


NPCs behavior is now changed a bit. NPCs are now a little less accurate with their bows. They also do not auto dodge arrows anymore. Most enemies stats are adjusted and changed to make sense. Dragons are made to be the bosses they deserve to be. Bandits are now adjusted so that most are a capable of killing you if you dont fight smart. Most wild animals are now dangerous. However a lot of them will not attack you unless you get too close. They will only defend their territory. You
will also find that smaller animals such as skeevers and mudcrabs will not
attack you anymore. This makes sense as you are much bigger than they are and
they wish to stay out of danger. If you find a creature that is not
realistically difficult to fight, please report it! I have not touched unique
NPCs tough.


Crime is now very expensive to pay off...if you get caught. Used with the crime mods mentioned below, being a criminal is now a lot more fun and


Race Stats

I have changed the race stats so that each race feels unique. This is going to make your choice of race important to your playstyle. 

This mod also disables fast travel

3 important things to know about this mod! 

You will need to start a new character in order for the mod to work properly. 

All three ESP files needs to be on the bottom of the load order with theone called "The Great Realism Overhaul" on the bottom for the mod to
work as intended.

Magic has not been changed yet. This will get done if there is enoughsupport for it. So for now I would not recommend playing this mod as a magic user.

Requirements None 


This mod does not have DLC support. This means that everything in the DLCs will be unbalanced with this mod installed. Therefore I would recommend disabling the DLCs. DLC support will only come for Special edition of skyrim. Sorry =P

My plan is to integrate the best armor and weapon mods to fit with TGRO. However it will take time to get permissions and convert them, so that means
that for now, no weapon and armor mods work properly with this mod. That is
coming though hopefully.

You can help me make this faster by telling the mod author of a weapon mod to allow me to convert a weapon mod to fit with TGRO. 

This mod is incompatible with all the other huge overhauls like skyrim redone, requiem and Ordinator. Also Incompatible with complete combat overhauls
like Wildcats and Duel and such. Check the compatibility section below to see
what mods are compatible.


Theese are the gameplay mods i would recomend that you use. They are all compatible with this mod and each other.
All of these mods types are 100% completely fine.
All visual mods
All Sound mods
All landscape mods
All retexture mods
These are the gameplay mods that I created TGRO for: 

Alternate start - Live another life
Random Alternate start
Disable Fast Travel
Classic oblivion jail system
Training Dummies and Targets
Tanning and Smelting Experience
Increased Follower Limit

If you have all these installed with TGRO you will experience a very different skyrim than you might remember. 


Please help me improve this mod by giving me constructive feedback and criticism. I really need your help in order to continue improving it.

Change Log:

Version 0.1: 

Initial release 

Version 0.2: 

Horse Prices increased
Wolf damage reduced
Fixed requirement for light armor perk
Fixed practice arrow recipe
Room prices increased
Travel priced increased
Made stormcloak and Imperial soldiers tougher
Made Guards a tiny bit less tough

V 0.3:
Restore Health potions a bit more expensive
Restore Health potions heals over time
Regenerate health potions are now adjusted
Regenerate Health enchantments are adjusted
Crafting Perks Fixed
Makes Arrows a bit faster
NPCs use ammo and can run out of arrows
Vegetables and candy regenerates stamina over time
Food weight tweaked
Raw food does less damage
Lighter rings
Corrected Haggling perk values
First perk requires Level 5 or 10 in that skill for most skill trees
Removed two overpowered sword from delphines room in sleeping giant inn
Added an optional file that improves the combat ai for all humanoid NPCs
Added an optional file that adds a powerful necklace in embershard mine near riverwood. The necklace will resist magic to balance out overpowered mages in the game.
Added an optional file that increases the ammount of  gold 
merchants have to be a more realistic ammount.

V 0.3.5
Makes the easier difficulties actually work properly
Makes NPCs level closer to Player level

Decreased NPCs level somewhat.
Reduced dragon fire damage a bit
Reduced heavy armor perk protection by 5%
Removed imperial swords outside of whiterun
Reduced health Regeneration enchantments and increased costs
Resistpotions adjusted to last longer and be more effective and expensive 
DamageMagica poison adjusted to be more expensive and effective
Damage Magica linger poison adjusted to be more expensive and effective
Increased Bear health 
Increased Sabre cat health
Increased Assasin health
Adjusted and more effective damage health poisons
More effective and exspensive paralysis poisons 
More expensive cure poison and desease
Damage magica recovery poison more effective and expensive
More effective and expensive damage stamina potion
More effective and more expensive waterbreathing potions
More expensive and effective potions of strength (Carry weight)
More expensive and effective fear poisons
More expensive and effective frenzy poisons
More expensive and effective Invisibility potions
Skillpotion price adjustments
All Weaknesspoisons more effective and expensive
Bribe costs increased


Thanks to Bethesda for making an awesome game!
Thanks to 1Rich1 for permission to use his wonderful drawings!
Thanks to Mandragorasprouts for converting the files to form 44 and being an allround great supporter of the mod =) 

Again remember to subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to follow the development of the mod!