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"Save my life. Save my soul"

This mod add a new follower for Dovakin. She is Angel. Her name Melissa. Your Angel-saviour.


Legendary 1.9 or higher

XPMSE - skeleton
HDT Physics Extension - for body physics

- Body UNP HDT
- Texures 4k Real Skin Silk
- Age: 15 643 years
- Armor: Any. She have her owning armor and weapon.
- Location: ElderTree Sanctuary. After installing the Mod, will start her quest. Follow to map-marker. Also, if you ever will loose her, you can activate her quest and to find her on a map.
- Tactic: Distance-attack She use a sword if enemy is near

- She is a real Angel.
- She not healer in the game, but her Books will give you a spells, that will help you.
 a spell Blessing (10 minutes 55 hp per second) a very useful buff in combat on legendary difficulty. + Cure of disease effect 
 a spell Pray (teleport Melissa to you)
- She stand everywhere you'll leave her. Don't need a "MyHomeYourHome" mod
- She very nice honest girl and she love you =) 
Don't hurt she. Or the God will punish you.

Re-pack the archive to Data folder

Remove all files. Create a clear saving slot and play.


Caliente Tools Bodyslide
UNP Bodies
UNP Tender Hands
Demoniac Textures 
Angel Armor
Angelic Armor(the author unknown)

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