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** Base Description **
-This is a mod that allows you to play as a child character.
-All Base playable armors are unlocked and playable
-All base playable armors will be able to display
-You can pickpocket the kids
-Kids are classified as Adults
-You can kill the kids with this mod in place

** Before you ask... No, I have not managed to change the face structure, so no changing the base face mesh.
** This does not add meshes or textures. **
** There is no adult activity that was not in the base core game, for the main character.

Updates :


Fixed voice files so that they are kid's voices.
Fixed intermittent issue where you couldn't pick some kid's pockets
Fixed it so that the game credits decapitations. (heads still don't seperate though. Not sure why)


Changes in 1.2

NOTE : Needs External file for full usage. Follow directions in documentation. (and below)

Modified all Child hairstyles to be Unisex (not applied to child vamp)
Modified all Child hairstyles to be Playable (Not applied to Child Vamp)
Gave 15 different hair colors to select from for the kids (all default colors)

Added 30 different eye colors to all Children (Not applied to Child Vamp)


Changes in 1.3

1.3 upgrades

- Added Child vampire versions of :
- Imperial
- Nord
- Redguard

- Fixed the issue with vampires not having all the options for hair and eyes.
- Fixed the oversight where some kids didn't have full hair color options. (Sorry redguard boys)

- Semi-Fixed the wrist gap issue with the child meshes, by using the adult female arm meshes
- Yes, I know this has issues of coloration and alignment, but a few "warts/scars" explains the mesh issues, and is alot easier to claim legitimacy than a full missing wrist area on the arm. Use what you got to get things done, right? :)
- If someone wants to make this mesh difference for the child, let me know, and I can take care of that, no problem. The problem will be having it sync up with the body mesh for the child body.

- Noticed that some attack events were not shared by the kids, so I corrected that issue, just in case someone had issues with such.

- Added the file to allow DragonShouts to work as a seperate download.
: I used the ones from the Eventoned male and female profiles. Work with what you got.


Added Child voices to lists :
* - Added child voices to VoicesBrawling Formlist
* - Added Child Voices to VoicesPlayer Formlist
* - Added Child voices to VoicePowerVoicesListwithTsun
* - Added Child voices to VoicePowerVoicesList
* - Added child Voices to VoicePowerVoicesListNoDraugr
* - Added Child Voices to WENPCVoiceTypes Formlist
* - Added child voices to WICastMagicNonHostileVoicesA
* - Added child voices to WICastMagicNonHostileVoicesB
* - Added child voices to WICommentDaedricArtifactVoices


Most of what is left to go here involves graphics ... Something I personally suck at ... and is pretty much on hold until I sort out some of this stuff. I am still working on this, but this seems semi stable now (at least on my system). :)

Special Adds needs :

Version 1.2
Gave 30 eye colors to the kids. (thanks to resources from Vergis)
( )

How to use this:

This is based on Vergis's mod Child Eyes - 30 colors, found in the link above as such...

1) Download the file off Nexus.

2) Find your proper directory to install it to. The directory is :
(Skyrim Directory)DataMeshesActorsCharacterCharacter Assets

If you don't have this directory... Make it.

NOTE: All of the eyes look for this path in common. If it is not installed directly and exactly

here, then it WILL NOT WORK... You have been warned. :)

3) Open his mod, and you will find all the seperate directories...
Extract them into "Character Assets" folder

You will end up with numerous folders in character assets , such as :

"amber eyes"
"blue Bloodshot"
"Yellow Eyes" etc...

Each of these will have a single file, named the same thing...
Leave these directories alone. Leave the file in each of these where it is.

4) YAY! You are done. Enjoy :)


Recommended mods :

If you like a more realistic skin for the kids, I recommend this one. :)

New Children by Ixodes

*** NOTE: For headgear issues, since I have had to answer this multiple times.***
There is a different sized head used for the children, instead of adults. This causes them to overlap the helmet and headware graphics. As a fix for that, there is a modder that worked a way around that, for most of the headwear.

Lutana Child Headgear


Thx to :

Vergis : for making the eyes mod.
NightPick : For giving some insight to some of the adding items
Bethesda : For making the game
Nexus : For making this site what it is.