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The mod add a new follower from the far Exotic South Fantasy Country. Her name Ashtar.
[Attention] The mod include a dialogues for the people 18+
Language: English in dialogues

Update: Version 2.1
- Her qwest was changed
- Now she have a pair of her swords
- Now she use a dual blades attack
- Was changed her voice
- Now she is immortal girl
- Was changed her body
- She will stay where are you'll leave her. to find her use a map-marker if you lost her
- Location: Solitude tavern

Skyrim Legendary 1.9 or higher

- Re-pack Ashtar.7z to the Game folder.

Race: Unknown
Age: 22
Class: "Night Blade"
Not marriable
Locaton: Solitude Tavern.
Weapon: she have her own
Armor: Light but in heavy she is also good
Textures: [4k Real Skin Silk]
Hair: her owned

Mod have a separating branches of dialogue topics for a male and female players.
Also growing up levels will be added a new topics for her dialogues.
She will stay in any location where will you leave her. (Don't need a mod "My Home Your Home")

 Ashtar is a not simple girl. She have the aim to arrive in Skyrim. And the meeting with she will be a pleaser surprise for Dovakin. Take care about she! Take care about her armor. She is a honest girl. And a real friend! Don't hurt her or she will cut you! =) She like a gifts!

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