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Added: 08/02/2012 - 10:16AM
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Mart's Savegame De-Bloatifier

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V1.0 - Initial release
V1.01 - Included the .esp component in the package this time (ahem...)
V1.02 - Added extra check to ensure empty nirnroots aren't removed too early
V1.1 - Toggled another GMST for Arrow removal (thanks amegpo!), added stand-alone Nirnroot glow fix for those who only want this bug fixed, added optional brighter nirnroot glows (since, now they are not stacking you may find the vanilla glow a bit too dim)
V1.2 - Fixed a crash caused by the Red Nirnroot mesh, thanks to Iriodus for the report!
V1.2.1 - Added BAIN packages for easy installing of optional features
V1.3 - New method for removing Ash piles, Ghost piles, Ice piles and Wisp cores; plus updated method for previous stacked Nirnroot glow removal
V1.4 - Beta: New Fast method added that removes Ash piles etc before you leave a cell

1.4 Beta Notes

The a_MMM_iCleanMethod global now specifies one of three methods:

* Fast (0): As soon as you are out of range, but before you exit a cell
* Default (1): When you exit a cell
* Vanilla (2): At a cell reset

The default is '1', but you can try any method by setting the global to 0, 1 or 2 at any time. To change the global open Mart's Savegame DeBloatifier.exp in the Creation Kit, type 'ClearMethod' into the Filter box on the left, then click on '*All' at the bottom of the object tree. Then in the right pane, double-click on the global variable to change it.

Or use the BAIN package installer, which will let you choose any method when installing with Wrye Bash.


The Savegame De-Bloatifier removes excess permanent objects that are a source of common complaint:
  • Removes stacked supernova Nirnroot glows, and prevents glows accumulating in future
  • Reduces savegame bloat by using only two activators instead of the vanilla three for Nirnroots
  • Removes the additive empty nirnroots every time a cell resets, further reducing savegame bloat
  • Removes left-over Ash piles, Ice piles, Ghost remanants and Wisp cores that were previously permanent
  • Reduces the volume of excess arrows from battle to further help reduce savegame bloat

By default to improve effectiveness, it does its cleanup as cells are unloaded. If you want to search Ash piles etc, do so before leaving a cell.

You can alternatively tell it cleanup on cell resets, which may take days or weeks depending on what you have your cell reset timer set to. To change the behaviour simply edit the following global variable in Mart's Savegame DeBlotifier.esp using the Creation Kit:


Setting it to '0' will clean up when you exit a cell, setting to '1' will cleanup at a cell reset. You can change this at any time.


As arrow projectiles can't have scripts attached, these aren't forcibly removed as with the other objects. A future mod may remove these and other elements like left-over weapons from combat by using an explosion spell with detection code.


Q: Didn't the 1.4 patch fix ash piles not being removed?
A: You'd think so, but in my testing they persisted anyway. There's also no mention of Ice Piles or Wisp Cores, and supernova nirnroot glows certainly aren't addressed (a problem which lies in the original script in the game).

Q: Does this work with mods that replace Nirnroot textures?
A: Yes, this only includes a mesh replacement, it loads whatever textures you're using.


Huge thanks to Throttlekitty for creating updated Nirnroot meshes and spending a few hours debugging with me!