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Thx to Nexus board/''mods''

my take on ENB/Skyrim performance Guide:

This is a transparent glacier, parallax multilayer, two normal looks depending on weather, so almost completely different glacier depening if it's cloudy day or sunny day

Covered glaciers 3x 2k in 2.6 (standard size like all iceberg mods in 2k I see no benefit from 4k due to UV maps universal to all Nexus meshes, added 1k in optionals)/ SSE land edited rubble added in 1k. Transparency starts in the middle of the section.

Not typical  texture (check FAQ for more info with images):

~Requirements are soft and can be ignored, I just wanted to share what I am using in images to avoid potential misunderstandings
~Like with all newly installed texture mods it's best to be in an area without such texture then load the area afresh, or let it CTD  few times so the cache will clear (it's a fail safe: didn't happen on my setup on won't happen to you, just a general rule valid for all textures/mods), also read FAQ forum, there is information about everything : FAQ and Information detailed

Compatibility (with P.G. included)


if you feel you have problems with screen image go into color correction settings of enb series:


1.6 (bottom 1.5):

early prototype:

some praise that helps the modder on mental level:

thanks to  all of you!