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Attention: version 1.7 switched to BSA. Make sure you don't keep the loose script files from previous version. Or just use Mod Organizer.

June 29 2017 Note: We have a README now (it contains the previous, detailed description). The new description follows:
"It does seem a most preposterous way of settling a dispute."

This mod restores some of the cut content Civil War hold capital battles. It does not require starting a new game. If I were you, I'd go someplace else than major city battlefield areas before enabling or updating it, but that's about it.

It adds an option to persuade Rikke/Galmar to forego the usual hold missions and launch an attack on the hold capital. However, you will be asked to choose a difficulty level, on the scale from Novice to Legendary, and it is meant for the Open Civil War specifically. Odds in these hold capital battle depends on it. Expect to fail these battles by depleting your side reinforcement, which makes the remaining soldiers lose the will to fight on.

Your rank in the civil war counters the difficulty level of these battles. As in vanilla, the promo happens after winning Whiterun and the three holds between Whiterun and the final battle in vanilla civil war questline. If you flee from the battle, the promo for the particular hold may be postponed, perhaps indefinitely.

There is no guarantee that the cut content battles will fly well with the city overhaul mods. It's up to them to move the soldiers spawn markers to make sense. So, there is also a dialogue option "Let's call the reserves for a decisive battle", which simulates the hold capital battle off-screen, and applies its results. (Now, this would be a good time to mention that the odds in the battles are also influenced by the number of troops garrisoned in this hold forts, towns, and city, in the wargame that you can play on the revamped civl war map tables, as you can see in this mod images).

Most preposterous...! Or so must have thought many a Nord when the rulers of Skyrim bespoke enchantings for their crudely crafted province maps. The nearly identical war tables have been magically connected since then to play a war game with a quite peculiar rules. Make-believe cohorts and banners garrison selected forts and towns. And if the real army gains them, it is reflected on the Map, and in the Wargame, too. Conversely, out of the respect for tradition, jarls will step down from their seats when the opposing make-believe army conquers all forts and towns in their hold.

Only Solitude and Winterhold will remain deaf to the call of the Wargame conquest. And Whiterun, because they had their gross neutrality arranged as part of the deal. Also, it will be ignored by the jarl from the hold that is currently besieged by your civil war general main host of army.
The above fluff is, of course, pending investigation how to make changes to vanilla civil war properly, without breaking things. 

Meanwhile, you can apply some of the following house rules in your playthrough:

- If you enter a room with a civil war map and you haven't played it for at least a day, play a turn.
- Play an extra turn for each week that passed since.
- You are not allowed to move troops manually until promoted to Questor / Ice-Veins.
- Before getting new orders from your general, play a turn.
- After getting a quest with the civil war flair in the journal, play a turn
- After completing a quest with the civil war flair in the journal, play a turn.
- When you overhear NPCs talking about the civil war armies fighting to no decisive result - play a turn, only auto mode.
- If you get a reward item that is worse than the one you have already - PASS a turn.
- If your civil war rank is 1 (Questor / Ice-Veins), you may move 1 unit during a turn manually
- If your civil war rank is 2, you may move up to 2 units
- If your civil war rank is 3, you may move up to 4 units
- If your civil war rank is 4 (Legate / Stormblade), you may move any number of units
- But you shall not PASS (unless you are Archmage of the College of Winterhold)
- After getting promoted, play a turn and you must move maximum number of units you can in this turn
- If you reloaded after dying in a battle, make a suicidal move with one of your units per reload
- After the siege relief challenge, increase/decrease OCWWargameEmpireBias by the number of your frags
- Revert that bonus from a siege relief after your faction gains two more holds
- If an NPC bumps into you while you were making moves on the war map - PASS this turn.
- Play only the number of turns at a time that it is required by the above rules, no more.
- If the Emperor dies, decrease OCWWargameEmpireBias by the number of NPC that commented on that fact
- If the Dark Brotherhood is destroyed, increase OCWWargameEmpireBias by the number of NPCs that commented on that fact
- If you flee or die during the capital siege relief, use Betrayal at Hrothgar console commands to end the civil war questiline.
- Or actually, toss a septim coin, heads - you lose, tail - you're still in the game
- In the beginning, avoid playing AUTO for a few turns (remember you control wargame moves for both side until you are sworn into one of them) - initial turns are vulnerable to luck in reinforcements and would favor the side that is first to move. (That means something like a 3x PASS, AUTO kick-off sequence is more likely to keep the wargame balanced.)

Well, if you follow that sort of rules as the above, you may pretend that those troops are roving band of Empire/Stormcloak supporters who recruit new supporters (and also join your battles), while the red and blue flags shows whose soldiers actually hold the fortified positions.

It is important to understand that the number of recruits scales with the number of forts, towns and cities that are occupied by those virtual troops. You should be always attacking so as to not lose the momentum. If you do, and if you will be swarmed everywhere, then you still can play a Capital Siege Relief battle, and if you win that, all enemy troops in the 4 near holds are reduced to strength 0, which should make it easy to bounce back.

If you get bogged on a field assignment in some hold, you can always call for the last battle in that hold - this will close the objective "Liberate/Regain {Hold}" and reopen "Report to {General}"
. Then play it strategically, until a hold is vulnerable for conquest, and then say to your faction leader that you want to go there, and crush your foes in the Capital City Battle (Restored Content (TM)). Practice making speeches before the battles in Markarth and Riften!

Remember, when all flags belonging to a hold (exceptions: Eastmarch, Whiterun, Haafingar) are swarmed by troops of the opposite side, the hold changes ownership. This may get the auto-play stuck, and it will get unstuck if you go somewhere else (switching the Whiterun Dragonsreach warmap and your capital warmap, should be enough).

Similarly, if you lose a battle, it may not be turn completed/failed until you go away (especially the minor sieges). In case of Winterhold Stormcloak military camp, it won't be enough. Simply talk to field commander Galmar there, and choose the dialogue option "Alas, the enemy was too strong. We retreated." - until you do that, the game may think you've won the hold (which is a bummer for playing the regular mission - the missions are stopped if the objective hold/fort turns out to be conquered already).