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Attention: version 1.7 switched to BSA. Make sure you don't keep the loose script files from previous version. Or just use Mod Organizer.
"It does seem a most preposterous way of settling a dispute."
Adds extra dialogue options.

version 1.5: unlocks major siege battles
- attacks on Markarth and Riften - same as minor sieges, "I shall lead the battle and win the hold" to Rikke/Galmar
- defense of Solitude / Windhelm - "Let's feign weakness and trap enemy besieging out capital" to Tullius/Ulfric- it's a defense variant of CWSiege, but it's started when you are outside the city walls (the "Relief of <City>" quest objective points where, the Dragonbridge or Kynesgrove inn).

NOTE: As of 1.6, the battles listed above have finite, but fixed pool of reinforcements (biased against the player's side). You either run out of soldiers, or run away (if you don't want to win). Battles mentioned below have reinforcements calculated based on the dice rols in an off-screen wargame battle.

version 1.3: unlocks minor capital battles (so, not Markarth nor Riften).
- "I shall lead the battle and win the hold!", to Rikke/Galmar - the cut content battle for the hold capital city. This is meanth to resolve this hold objective, much like the off-screen battle option (described below in section 1.1). This cut content is still glitchy, for example: no enemy soliders show up at all. So to wrap it up, there are also the following dialogue options, after you go back to Rikke/Galmar:
- "I abandoned the battle" - similar to fleeing a fort battle; you don't win the hold
- "We have won. It felt too easy" - attackers win; the hold is yours; but if no enemy spawned, another random hold is overrun by the enemy; (since v1.4 there is a 20% chance of happening so during an off-screen battle)

version 1.2: fixed up, added Stormcloack side, does not conflict with CWO.
It means, no matter what the load order, OCW + CWO will behave the same way; it won't be the same as in OCW alone: some of these new dialogue options may not show up, some may get ignored.

version 1.1
- "I... fled... the battle", to field commander Rikke, after the battle for a fort started for real. Will win the battle, but th e general may by disappointed and postpone promotion. And there will be a penalty skip turn in the WarGame.

(for CWO, if you lose a battle, you can adjust global OCWWargamePenaltyCounter to the same effect. Also, no WarGame manual moves while on CWO Defense track)

- "Let's commit our military reserves to this hold", to field commander Rikke, meant as the last resort, for instance when you are reconquering a hold and depleted of the regular missions. It will resolve the battle for the hold off-screen and let you go back to the general for another hold assignment. The battle is scored using WarGame rules, and you get a bonus troops in the number equal to your rank in the civil war.

Warning: using this on the final hold will not kill the enemy general, and you'll be left with using Betrayal at Hrothgar console options to finish him.

version 1.0:
- "May I suggest... / we should invade ... next", to general Tullius, to select which hold to be sent to next.

Warning: abusing this may open more than one hold objective to conquer at the same time, and that's another can of worms. Finding field commander in one of the camps and selecting the "commit reserves" will resolve decisive battles in all holds targeted by the objectives.

A Risk-esque strategy played on the Civil War table maps, and not without any consequence!
[/font]Most preposterous...! Or so must have thought many a Nord when the rulers of Skyrim bespoke enchantings for their crudely crafted province maps. The nearly identical war tables have been magically connected since then to play a war game with a quite peculiar rules. Make-believe cohorts and banners garrison selected forts and towns. And if the real army gains them, it is reflected on the Map, and in the Wargame, too. Conversely, out of the respect for tradition, jarls will step down from their seats when the opposing make-believe army conquers all forts and towns in their hold.

Only Solitude and Winterhold will remain deaf to the call of the Wargame conquest. And Whiterun, because they had their gross neutrality arranged as part of the deal. Also, it will be ignored by the jarl from the hold that is currently besieged by your civil war general main host of army.

The wargame mechanics is similar to the Dice Wars, with a few changes:
- attacks can be done from any distance, but with a penalty if the attack crosses more than one a hold border
- capped to 6 units in a location; total cap on army size: 4  times the number of locations owned
- the value of the global OCWWargameHandicap increases points of defenders. Default set to 0.
- the value of the global OCWWargameEmpireBias increases points of Imperials. Default set to 0.
- the value of the global OCWWargameDifficulty increases points of your opponent faction (*). Default set to 0.

version 0.9
- added miniature helmets to show on map the current state of the wargame
- map flag colors are updated after unseating a jarl
- opponent faction (*) is controlled by AI auto-play
- removed distance penalty threshold; every hold border counts now.
- added a difficulty choice message box

(*) as stated in variable CWs.playerAllegiance, but in effect only after taking the oath.

version 0.8.1
- the state of the wargame and the commands are available by activating the map flags
- there is no visual change to the map table, unless you get to unseat a jarl (and then you still need to go somewhere and come back to force update the flag colors) - the flags represent the state of the real game.
- you can perform as many turns as you want in between real battles and mission;. make your own house rules, if you wish
- moreover, each turn you can control both sides; normally just use "Auto" for the opponent, and "Manual" / "PASS" for your side! if you haven't joined a civil war side yet, why not use "Auto" for both of them!
- nothing more has been changed, and it was mostly tested to fast-track after the battle of Whiterun to the final capital battle; what could possibly go wrong?


Distinguishes bandit occupied civil war forts on the civil war map.

version 0.3 - only applies to forts and only to those that are already on the civil war map; green color, mob type in extra text; tied to respective enable monster xmarkers
version 0.5 - more colors of fort flags; added two forts to the war map - Fort Fellhammer (always "bandits" flag) and Valtheim Keep (compatible with the Tactical Valtheim mod)

version 1.0 - rewritten for future compatibility: does not modify CWMapActivator form data, only their scripts and meshes

version 1.1 - recognizes Whiterun as neutral (light violet flag color) until the first battle of Whiterun is over.

version 1.3 - gaining a bandit fort in the Wargame should revert the color to the civil war owner (as in vanilla, red or blue), eventually. Exception: Fort Hragstadd will behave so only after you are advanced enough in the civil war quest-line.

verstion 1.4 - wargame troop are Containers now, for the convenience of the Quick Loot mod. (To fall back to the old ways, configure this mod with setstage ocwwargame 21 )


How to add an extra civil war mission - compatible with civil war overhaul(s).

NOTE: Since version 0.8, disabled by default. To unlock them, setstage OCWSpecial 110 and 111, respectively

"To Visit The Wounded". In lieu of an actual new mission, you'll find two monks (Elizabeth and Abraham), and you'll have to visit the tent with wounded soldiers. After that you can report for duty at the field commander tent as usual.
This happens on the Imperial side, in the Rift military camp.
- version 0.2 - compatible with the Civil War Overhaul mod (v 4.03)

"The Mad Men of Reach". After winning Rift, general Tullius does not send you immediately to Winterhold, but to imperial Camp in Reach. Go there, talk to the field commander Legate Emmanual Ammand, and finally use the Solitude capital flag on the war map. Then go back to general Tullius and continue as usual.
- added in version 0.4
- version 0.5
- playtested compatible with the Civil War Overhaul mod (v 4.03)