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Last updated at 3:27, 27 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 19:38, 20 Nov 2011

Removes the non-playable flag from the following armor:

(note that some armor, such as the Executioner gear, only works properly on male characters, others may only work properly on female characters, etc)

00016FFE DremoraRobesBlack Black Robes
00016FFF DremoraBoots Boots
00036583 ArmorThievesGuildBoots Thieves Guild Boots
00036584 ArmorThievesGuildCuirass Thieves Guild Armor
00036585 ArmorThievesGuildHelmet Thieves Guild Hood
00036A44 ClothesRobesGreybeardTunic Greybeard's Robes
00036A45 ClothesRobesGreybeardHood Greybeard's Hood
00036A46 ClothesRobesGreybeardBoots Greybeard's Boots
00042BE9 ArmorThievesGuildGauntlets Thieves Guild Gloves
000483C1 ArmorNightingaleBoots Nightingale Boots
000483C2 ArmorNightingaleCuirass Nightingale Armor
000487D1 ArmorNightingaleGauntlets Nightingale Gloves
000487D8 ArmorNightingaleHelmet Nightingale Hood
0004F000 ClothesHeadBandages Head bandages
0004F006 ClothesArmBandages Arm Bandages
0005ABC3 DBArmorShortSleeve Shrouded Armor
00088952 ClothesNocturnal Nocturnal's Clothes
00088954 ClothesNocturnalHat Nocturnal's Hat
000C0166 ArmorTsunBoots Tsun's Boots
000C5D10 ClothesWarlockHoodUnplayable Black Mage Hood
000CF8B0 ClothesExecutionerBoots Boots
000CF8B1 ClothesExecutionerGloves Gloves
000CF8B2 ClothesExecutionerHood Executioner's Hood
000CF8B3 ClothesExecutionerRobes Executioner's Robes
000E35DA ArmorThievesGuildVariantBoots Thieves Guild Variant Boots
000E35DB ArmorThievesGuildVariantCuirass Thieves Guild Variant Armor
000E35DC ArmorThievesGuildVariantGauntlets Thieves Guild Variant Gloves
000E35DD ArmorThievesGuildVariantHelmet Thieves Guild Variant Hood
000E35DF ArmorThievesGuildVariant02Helmet Thieves Guild Hood Alt
000E35E7 ArmorThievesGuildKarliahBoots Karliah's Boots
000E35E8 ArmorThievesGuildKarliahCuirass Karliah's Armor
000E35E9 ArmorThievesGuildKarliahGauntlets Karliah's Gloves
000E35EA ArmorThievesGuildKarliahHelmet Karliah's Hood
000EE5C0 ArmorTorturerHood Torturer's Hood
000F1ABD DremoraDaedricBoots Daedric Boots
000F1ABE DremoraDaedricCuirass Daedric Armor
000F1AC0 DremoraDaedricGauntlets Daedric Gauntlets
000F9670 ArmorGag Ulfric's Gag
000FDEAF TGAmuletofArticulationNPCVersion Amulet of Articulation
001019CA ArmorDraugrHelmetUnplayable Ancient Nord Helmet
001019CB ArmorDraugrGauntletsUnplayable Ancient Nord Gauntlets
001019CC ArmorDraugrCuirassUnplayable Ancient Nord Armor
001019CD ArmorDraugrBootsUnplayable Ancient Nord Boots
00103941 PrisonerCuffs Prisoner's Cuffs
00105966 DBArmorWorn Worn Shrouded Armor
00105967 DBArmorBootsWorn Worn Shrouded Boots
00105968 DBArmorGlovesWorn Worn Shrouded Gloves
00105969 DBArmorHelmetWorn Worn Shrouded Cowl
00106390 MS11WoundSusanna wound test
00106392 MS11WoundArivanya wound test
0010853F ArmorSummersetShadowsGuildBoots Summerset Shadows Boots
00108540 ArmorSummersetShadowsGuildCuirass Summerset Shadows Armor
00108541 ArmorSummersetShadowsGuildGauntlets Summerset Shadows Gloves
00108542 ArmorSummersetShadowsGuildHelmet SummersetShadowsHood
001092B4 ArmorThievesGuildLeaderBootsMercer Guild Master's Boots
001092B5 ArmorThievesGuildLeaderCuirassMercer Guild Master's Armor
001092B6 ArmorThievesGuildLeaderGauntletsMercer Guild Master's Gloves
0010B2FD dunWaywardPassGhostArmor Steel Plate Armor
0010B2FF ArmorSteelPlateBootsUnplayable Steel Plate Boots
0010B300 ArmorSteelPlateGauntletsUnplayable Steel Plate Gauntlets
0010E2CE ClothesCollegeBootsCommonVariant1 College Boots
0010E2D8 PrisonerCuffsSolitude Prisoner's Cuffs
0010E2DC ClothesCollegeBootsApprenticeVariant1 College Boots
0010F75F DremoraDaedricHelmet Daedric Helmet