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Added: 05/02/2017 - 01:07PM
Updated: 30/03/2017 - 06:14PM

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Well, I started this as a test, after a time I had seeing those dull "af" glaciers, I wanted to make them more eye-candy for high end modded games.
This makes glaciers transparent ish' , I have included both "Non Rubble" and "Rubble version", whatever you prefer. I prefer non rubble



Bugs I encountered :
Some random mesh clipping in some places.



Torch and Fire (magic) meshes edited.
So no longer those edges around the firespells and torches. (Fire Simmer Effect Is Gone)



By far the easiest way.

Installation NMM : just lik the button in the file section

Uninstallation NMM : don't do it ples


Installation Manual
(Make Copy of your mesh files in Skyrim/Data/meshes/landscape/ice/..) Make a own folder for them like, (Skyrim Original Ice Meshes)

1. Extract the files from my mod to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary. (If you see that it doesn't match your folder structure)
3. Copy files to (Skyrim folder) \Skyrim (Where TESV.exe is located)
4. Overwrite always.

Uninstallation Manual
1. Delete the files in Skyrim/Data/meshes/landscape/ice/..
2. Copy the files from the folder you made before (Skyrim Original Ice Meshes)
3. Paste them into (Skyrim/Data/meshes/landscape/ice)
4. Done


I'll be adding my own textures soon. And going to cover other ice sources in Skyrim, please hold you pants.

This is my first mod, going to be doing more. And if anyone is interested about making a video about this, man that would be amazin'

Feel free to comment.

and Endorse!

Thanks for supporting everyone! Hot files on 09/02/17


Compatibility :
Any other mods that replace ice meshes.

Tools :

Credits :
NifSkope people

If I missed someone or there's edits in my mod from other mods (pretty hard to know when you're running +500 mods) , please tell me.

And thx to the information out there.