Riverwood Enhanced by samxrr
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Added: 08/02/2012 - 08:13AM
Updated: 17/03/2013 - 07:18PM

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Last updated at 19:18, 17 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 8:13, 8 Feb 2012

COMING IN REV. 15: Many environment changes, NavMesh update, and other details. ETA: When it's ready and tested! (Aiming for December 2012).

Note: The "Detailed Cities compatible" mod will be discontinued for Revision 15 and higher. The normal mod will still be compatible with Detailed Cities by default, so don't worry!

[REV. 14.1] (Current) Fixed a pathfinding glitch from Rev. 14.
[REV. 14] Maintenance release: Optimized NavMesh data, NPCs won't get stuck on some objects and better pathing, corrected some NPC relations.
[REV. 13] Many environmental changes, fixes and additions. Changes to park area. Flora and fauna update. Streetlight and brazier changes. Ambient sounds update. NPC face fix. NPC AI updates. New NPCs (night patrols). Many other minor changes in this big update =).
[REV. 12] Environmental changes, fixes and additions. New streetlights. Flora update. Fast travel crash fixed. Slight insect population reduction. Fauna update pushed to Rev. 13.
[REV. 10+11] Fixed the NPC glitches. NPCs now have lips when talking. NPC stats updated. Misc. environment updates.
[REV. 9] NPC AI updates, extra foliage and flora update, misc environmental updates and fixes (fixed excessive fireflies and they now spawn at night)(NPC appearance fix pushed to Rev. 10, this is a Bethesda bug.)
[REV. 8] NPC AI updates, misc environmental updates, misc NPC updates.
[REV. 7] Fixed Ivy Wall, changed some NPC attributes, added one new general NPC.
[REV. 6] Enhanced Riverwood waterfall, added two general NPCs, misc. environmental fixes and additions.
[REV. 5] Foliage update, extra braziers, small park with benches, misc. environment updates.
[REV. 4] Replaced tree model at town enterance. Should look better now =)!
[REV. 2+3] Added hanging braziers. Fixed the braziers. They should light up properly now.

Extract the zip file and you'll find "Riverwood Enhanced.esp" - copy this file into your Skyrim Data folder. That's it!

If you don't want to manually install the mod, download Nexus Mod Manager which automatically installs mods from this website. Remember, if you have any questions- just ask!

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