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KoS: Alternate Adventures

Play and live as an outcast and on the run!
Attack and capture Whiterun with your followers!
Enable the civil war for real and fight for your side!

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KoS - Alternate Adventures Play against all of skyrim that was once your friend. Faction changes make you kill on sight.

KoS: Alternate Adventures
This is a series of plugins that provide alternate gameplay experience. These are not savegames but plugins that will alter how the world of skyrim reacts to you.

Updates Coming Soon:
  • Alternate starting locations and factions. Expect to really play as a bandit or other faction and raid towns, farms, etc.

  • Deadly and custom bounty hunters that come looking for you.

  • Guards and soldiers roaming the countryside hunting you down.

  • Player wilderness hideouts.

WARNING: These mods will break quests - although a good many can still be done. There's an optional bat file (manual install) that teaches all the words of power from the main quest, as that quest will be broken in most cases. There is also a bat file that advances the main quest so that Dragons are enabled. These have only been tested with a new character, although you are welcome to try with any character. Results may vary depending on what quests/factions you have done.

KoS: Outcast
  • Player is KoS (kill on sight) to most all of skyrim. Guards, soldiers, Jarls Houses, aggressive townsfolk will attack on sight.

  • Vendors and docile townsfolk will flee.

  • Caravans and hunters are friends.

  • Hirelings and some followers will still join with you.

  • Maximises crime bounty.

  • If you get arrested guards will attempt to murder you in jail.

  • Player will have to fight way out of jail (and the town it's in).

  • Increased chance of bounty hunter to come looking for you.

  • Lite version makes player KoS to just guard faction and no crime or bounty hunters.

  • Combine this with Darwins Nightmare for the ultimate survival adventure!

KoS: War Has Come
  • Enables the civil war in Skyrim.

  • At game start player will be neutral in the war.

  • Player can join Imperials or Stormcloaks thru the Civil War quest and then will be KoS to opposing side.

  • Example: If player joins Imperials he/she will become KoS in Windhelm and then can fight to the Jarl.

  • or Player can kill a soldier to join a side

  • Player can kill a soldier from both sides and be his own army

  • Hirelings and some followers will still join with you.

  • Combine this with Darwins Nightmare for the ultimate survival adventure!

Do not install before character creation - wait until exiting Helgen tunnel.
Place the esp files in the Skyrim/Data diectory. You can enable multiple chapters at a time, although the reuslts may be unpredictable. To uninstall just remove the esp files.
If you are using one of the optional bat files, place these in the Skyrim root directory (where TESV.exe is). Then, depending upon which one you are installing, in game console type "bat woop" or "bat MQ" without the quotes.

Optional files:
woop.txt - teaches the words of power learned during the main quest
MQ.txt - advances the main quest a couple of steps so that dragons are enabled (untested). Alternatively, a player could do the first few stages of the main quest beofe installing the mod.